Blogger Shares Tips for Traveling on a Budget

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| LAST UPDATE 01/16/2022

By Dina Wu
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Instagram via @jemimaskelley

Traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic hasn't been without complications. So many requirements - such as masks, testing, and vaccines - have all restricted our freedom to explore cities across the world. But according to one Instagram user, a limited budget shouldn't be one of them. Jemima Skelley, a self-titled travel writer, has shared a few tips on her Instagram page that might just help shave a few bucks off your travel expenses. Keep scrolling!

Firstly (and most obviously), it's wise to choose a destination that won't drain your pockets. Doing a bit of research before you book your flight can help you figure out which countries are generally more affordable. Skelley also recommended making use of Skyscanner's "everywhere" search feature, which will show you the least costly flights regardless of location. Not only that, but when it comes to finding a place to stay, she pointed out that booking directly is much less costly than using third-party booking sites. "You'll avoid random fees, and if something goes wrong with your booking, it's always a lot easier to resolve when there's no third-party involved," she noted. Another heads-up she gave was to avoid planning trips during peak seasons when flocks of tourists are bound to drive up prices.

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Instagram via @jemimaskelley
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Another idea Skelley suggested was to plan the trip ahead of time. Making a bucket list of museums, restaurants, and other sites helps you plan your trip in the most cost-effective way possible. "Having an organized list of things I wanted to do in each place helped me budget ahead of time. It also helped me avoid over-spending in random places because I was traveling aimlessly," she explained. For cheaper travel activities, she also urged her audience to explore places besides the big cities, which "can be relatively pricey because most tourists flock there." Another piece of advice she had for traveling on a budget is to take advantage of the public transportation while roaming foreign cities. While it may be more convenient to use cabs and Uber when traveling abroad, these means of transportation can really take a big bite out of your wallets. Besides, touring a foreign city on a bus or a metro is also a great experience in itself!

Well, there you have it! The next time you set out to plan a trip, be sure to keep Jemima Skelley's tips in mind. You may just be surprised how much you can enjoy a trip without spending too much cash! Check her out on Instagram for more hacks - and, of course, stay tuned.

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