The Benefits of Cacao

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| LAST UPDATE 03/03/2022

By Zoe Browning
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Not only is cacao delicious, but it also has tons of amazing benefits. It's a win-win because it's a natural healing plant that tastes like chocolate. What more could we want? Here's why cacao is good for you.

The author of A Child of Magic, and founder of Cacao Magick, Christine Olivia, or the GuateMayan Cacao Queen explained, Cacao is a natural mood lifter and can help you with developing a positive and loving lifestyle. It’s considered ‘food of the gods’ in Central and South America, and the scientific name for cacao is Theobroma cacao, which directly translates to ‘food of the gods’ in Greek." When in its natural state, the cacao plant is recognized as being sacred. The Aztecs and the Mayans have used it both medically and ceremonially for many years. But there are different forms. For example, Ceremonial-grade cacao, which comes from Central and South America, is typically made with the intent of healing. But what exactly does it heal?

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Well for one, cacao is a "heart opener" meaning it helps the body and the spirit feel more connected to one another. Leading to greater feelings of self-love, compassion, and forgiveness. It really opens yourself up to yourself. Another bonus is that the plant empowers more creativity, focus, and motivation. And we could all use some more of that in our lives. When the seed is taken from the tree, the taste is often bitter. To create a better flavor, the cocoa must be fermented, dried, cleaned, and finally roasted.

There are many healing properties included in cacao. Including anandamide, which gives a feeling of euphoria and a sense of well-being. Theobromine, which gives similar effects as caffeine, but without any harsh effects on the central nervous system that coffee usually causes. Magnesium is also found in cacao and it is one of the most important minerals for our bodies, that provides mental focus. There are all traces of potassium, phosphorous, copper, zinc, and iron, all that support the heart. That's not all! There is also an abundance of antioxidants that aid in absorbing free radical toxins from our environment. Lastly, cacao seeds are filled with serotonin, tryptophan, phenylethylamine, and tyrosine, aka the neurotransmitters that give us feelings of happiness. Check out Poosh's video of Christine’s magical cacao recipe, so you too can enjoy all these incredible benefits!

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