Avoid Chest Wrinkles With These Tips

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| LAST UPDATE 09/12/2022

By Jacqueline Vaughan
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If you're a slave to the sun and/or a side sleeper, you'll eventually become aware of cleavage creases. Yes, you know the ones - those pesky long lines that appear on our breasts after we wake up from a long nap or come in from a day spent in the sun. Sometimes, when they stick around for a while, we begin to wonder if they are a new permanent addition to our skin landscape or when they even first started to appear. If you're in your mid-30s or younger, the good news is that they'll likely disappear over the next few days. For anyone older than this, these lines could leave a mark for good. These tips will help you prevent them from appearing and smooth them out if they do...

The one takeaway message from this should be that hydration is key. Like most beauty and lifestyle hacks, water can play an instrumental part in making you look and feel your best! If deep, stark lines have appeared after spending many hours in the sun, stock up on electrolyte drinks to plump up your skin and help to encourage the line's disappearance. Damage from the sun can also often make these lines permanent, so lather in sunscreen before heading outside. 

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How we sleep can make all the difference to our chest skin condition. We curve our back and shoulders when we sleep on our side, concaving inwards. As we lie like that all night, our skin remains bunched up for long periods of time, causing visible creases to appear in the morning. The obvious solution to this is to sleep on our backs. Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds but after some self-training, it's possible to change your sleeping habits! Every time you wake up, return your body to its back. Practice makes perfect!

If you just can't give up side-sleeping, silicone patches applied at night to the chest can help smooth out the skin and prevent lines from forming. Lastly, ensure you have plenty of Vitamin C every day to guarantee your body has the ability to build collagen in the areas needed. Collagen helps your skin look plump and robust, which is often a necessary fix in the case of chest wrinkles. Stay tuned for more hacks!

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