Acne Prone? Avoid These Products This Summer

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| LAST UPDATE 05/23/2022

By Zoe Browning
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Warmer weather, tanned skin, and long days spent by the beach: We cannot wait for Summer to come, and luckily for us, it's right around the corner! But our clothes aren't the only thing we'll be needing less of for the warmer days, because when the sun starts to blaze down on us, many of us try to avoid wearing a lot of makeup like foundation or mascara. But now, it's also important to use less skincare, especially for those who are easily susceptible to breakouts and acne. Here's what to avoid if you have acne-prone skin.

While in the Winter, we try and layer on as much heat and moisturizer onto our skin, the opposite is needed in Summer. Facial steamers are amazing for getting a deep cleaner and helping those pores clear out any gunk - but the heat from the machine may be a bit too much for the skin, especially when the sun is shining down on us all day. There's no need to add any more reason for us to sweat! Instead, we may want to go for a cooling tool, such as cryo glow sticks, or even invest in an ice roller that can glide onto the skin easily.

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Another skincare product you may want to be put aside until next Winter is heavy moisturizer. Because dry, brittle, and flaky skin is long behind us, we don't need to hydrate constantly because the humidity in the air will help us with that. Now that doesn't mean getting rid of a moisturizer altogether. Instead, use a lightweight one such as a gel moisturizer. Heavy ones can clog our pores and suffocate dirt and debris in our skin - and obviously, this leads to unwanted pimples! And no one wants that.

Lastly, no more harsh exfoliators! As we can see, there's a pattern with removing heavy-duty skincare products. And that is because acne-prone skin is more sensitive in the summer thanks to all the sweat and ocean water that gets stuck in our pores. So while we should avoid the severe exfoliators, so as to not irritate the skin barrier, an enzyme mask can be used weekly rather that daily to get that summer glow! Check out this mask from Golde to get great results.

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