Meet the Viral Lawyer Who Quit Her Job to Make TikToks

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| LAST UPDATE 12/30/2021

By Danielle Mejia
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Instagram via @erikankullberg

Have you ever signed a new cell phone contract or lease agreement and felt like you might not have paid enough attention to the fine print? Have you ever been bumped off a flight and wondered how to ensure better customer service next time? If so, we have just the influencer for you.

millennial legal tips tiktok
Instagram via @erikankullberg

Meet Erika Kullberg, a millennial law genius who is sharing some seriously valuable nuggets of wisdom on social media to help make our lives easier. But first, let's back up and understand how she came to be such a viral TikTok star. After all, that's not the most typical career path for a law grad! It all started when Erika graduated from Georgetown Law. With over $200,000 in student debt, Erika had to hit the ground running and find a high-paying job ASAP. And in just two years, she was able to pay off her sky-high bills and celebrate her debt-free life - all while living overseas in Japan and working for an elite law firm. So what changed?

Well, after a few years working as a corporate lawyer, Erika had the wake-up call of a lifetime. She decided to leave the "Big Law" life behind and branch out on her own. And with that, she said goodbye to her $250k annual salary! "I quit because of ten words that changed my life," the viral star confessed. "What do you think we pay you so much for?" is what her boss asked her rhetorically when Erika pleaded with him for a work extension in order to spend time with her ailing grandfather. From then on out, she knew that no amount of money would be worth the work-a-holic lifestyle. So, she switched gears and ended up helping millions along the way.

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From loopholes in the fine print to interview tips and consumer rights, Erika has covered dozens of situations in which we often find ourselves paying top dollar or missing out on what we deserve. "I'm all about transparency," she wrote to her fans, explaining the different ways to get deals on big purchases. Whether it's $400 off a new MacBook or scams that companies try to pull on us, Kullberg is saving us bucks - one video at a time!

You can follow her at @erikahullberg for more!