Meet the Viral "Cereal" Breaking Period Taboos

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| LAST UPDATE 04/03/2022

By Danielle Mejia
loopholes cereal ad campaign
Instagram via @perolikegaby

For roughly half of America, it's a monthly necessity. So why are we footing the bill? That's the frustrating question that led a viral marketing firm to take a stance on period poverty in the United States. And they sure did an excellent job raising awareness and making us hungry all at the same time...

The campaign dropped just in time for this year's International Women's Day, but its impact is being felt still a month later as the ads circulate on social media. So, what's exactly behind this trend? Well, it all started when ads started popping up for a brand new cereal called Loopholes. As the bright red box advertised, it's "the only cereal with tampons & pads in every box!" Interesting choice for a cereal box prize, right? The reasoning behind this has to do with government funding. In the U.S., federal programs like SNAP cover food purchases, however, there are no funding initiatives to help people who need to buy pads and tampons every month. So, by placing the products in the cereal box, those in need don't have to choose between period products or food - they can get both for a discounted price!

period poverty viral cereal
Instagram via @hanaolooney
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Sounds genius, right? While the cereal brand may not actually exist, the ad campaign got a lot of people talking about the root of the problem: period poverty. And thanks to this influencer-worthy campaign, we now have Loophole cereal boxes all over our timeline. Instagram it-girls like @perolikegaby and @hanaolooney are just some of the many accounts that have shared the brand's message with their thousands of followers. And if you want to find out more for yourself, you can check out @loopholescereal to learn more about the message behind the fictional breakfast cereal! But, they did us a solid by making a catchy ad that does most of the heavy lifting. You can see the video below.

One thing's for sure, this viral campaign has got people talking - and that's the first step! Be sure to check back soon for more stories on social media moves that are making a positive impact for all!

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