How Tinx Is Using Her Platform To Push Female Empowerment

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| LAST UPDATE 11/28/2022

By Lesley Gary
Tinx women of the year
@tinx via Instagram

The viral influencer, formerly known as Tinx, only has good intentions when it comes to using her platform status. As another social media influencer, she tends to steer away from cliche content and promises to be completely open and transparent with fans. Here's how…

Tinx, or real name Christina Najjar, is loved by her followers on both TikTok and Instagram. She consistently provides promising stories as well as grid posts, but it is her engagement with the fans which has taken her to the top. No, we're not talking about the number of likes or comments she gets, but the transparency she has with her followers. When it comes to personal issues, dating problems, and women's health-related inquiries, Tinx has all the answers. She likes to stay in touch with reality, and sometimes it can get pretty uncomfortable. But that's because she cares about the truth and only the truth. Not to mention, her podcast, It's Me, Tinx, is perfect for catching up with her latest revelations and advice. Recently, on November 1st, she attended the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, where she spoke with E! News and touched upon the subject of women empowerment and how she "uplifts her followers."

women of the year tinx
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To make things clear, Tinx is all about the importance of vulnerability. She expressed in the interview, "I think being vulnerable is such a superpower and is such a way of showing your strength... I try to lead by example and show the good with the bad, the filtered with the unfiltered, and the before and after of all the glam." She continued, "Women are multi-faceted. I think it's important to show that we are all things at once. We can't be put in a box. I think the way to show that is by being vulnerable and honest." She proceeds to confess her fear of filters and notes the terrifying nature of young girls having easy access to photoshopping, primarily re-shaping their interpretation of self-esteem, confidence, and reality. Najjar shared, "If younger girls aren't confident and don't have strong self-esteem, they're going to accept less in the workplace, in their relationships, and in the world... I think about that all the time in my content and what I want to inspire in the younger generation." And it seems she's done just that.

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If you don't already follow Tinx, this is your sign. Not only does she promise to remain sincere and straightforward with her followers, but she adds a humorous flare to the conversation to avoid dampening the mood. Be sure to check out her page! And stay tuned for more updates.

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