TikTok’s Latest Trend: Ditching the Filters

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| LAST UPDATE 04/12/2022

By Zoe Browning
tiktok viral beauty trends
Instagram via @megandeangelis

It's not news that most users only share the glamorous aspects of their lives online. Whether it be on Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok, influencers and others typically only post photos where they look their absolute best! But sometimes... that means there may have been some editing done, and, of course, a filter at play. Unfortunately, (while they may look fire), these types of photos set unrealistic beauty standards for thousands of young kids who are constantly scrolling through their 'For You' page. But influencers are ready to change that.

But now, it seems like the latest TikTok trend is to ditch the filters! More specifically, the beauty filter that the platform offers, which can easily blur out blemishes while also placing a pretty color over our screen. The filter is so minium and light that it's barely noticeable. Meaning: it can be mistaken for influencers' real appearance when in reality, they too are humans who suffer from acne and other imperfections.

charli damelio tiktok filter
@charlidamelio via instagram
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This new approach to filming footage has been building up for a while. Not so long ago, both Addison Rae and Charli D'Amelio, arguably the two most followed stars of the app, shared videos of their natural bare skin, showing off their blemishes and acne shame-free. As with many trends, this one involves a transition. Except instead of going from a no makeup "lazy" look to a full glam look, this type of clip starts off with an edited screen and the beauty filter applied and transitions to raw footage with no filters at all!


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Quickly fans and other influencers followed in the stars' steps and took part in this healthy, uplifting trend. @megsdeangelis also did it and noted, "this trend is so healthy." And indeed it is! Because not only does it promote more realistic beauty standards, but it shows young girls and boys who are easily "influenced" by these influencers that it's okay to have scars, acne, imperfections, and more! Even some celebrities took part in the challenge. Former Disney Channel star Ashley Tisdale shared her own version of the trend, which she captioned, "I love a no-makeup trend." So do we Ashley... so do we.

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