This TikToker Is Saying Bye to Misogyny

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| LAST UPDATE 02/02/2022

By Zoe Browning
drew adualo tiktok star
@drewafualo via Instagram

Drew Afualo is a 26-year-old Los Angeles–based content creator who spends her time online shutting down misogynistic users on TikTok. Her page solely focuses on taking down men who constantly put women down by using toxic masculinity. Here's everything you need to know about this confident queen!

Drew's videos mainly consist of "stitching" other people's videos. If you are not already familiar, this means she replies to other users' videos with her very own video. Over the short span of just 2 months, Drew's following count has gone up from 1.5 million to 4 million! Drew revealed to Buzzfeed that this wasn't always her idea of a dream job. Before the pandemic took over, she had wanted to work as a sports journalist. Unfortunately, her progress in that profession slowed down, and she felt very "lost." That's when her significant other suggested she try something new. "My boyfriend actually encouraged me to post on TikTok," Drew shared. "I used to post Snapchat rants for my friends, so he was like, 'You should do that on TikTok.' It kind of started off with a few videos here and there of things I thought were funny, like red flags in men or my own horror stories with dating... and then those got really popular, so that started me kind of ****-talking."

feminist tiktok star viral
@drewafualo via Instagram
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Like many users on the social media outlet, she blew up - it seemed like millions of people were interested in her opinion. Today, she continues to receive praise for humbling men. So how does she even stumble across clips of misogynistic men? Well, at first, she would see them on her own 'for you' page. But as her popularity increased, Drew has received hundreds of direct messages from her fans, sending in their own experiences. "I try to avoid the ones that I've already done something similar to, because they just recycle and regurgitate the same bad jokes."

@drewafualo nah but fr???? LMFAOO #fyp #xyzbca #girls #men #funny #college #embarrassing #elfitup ♬ original sound - Drew Afualo

Sadly, her work receives criticism in itself, with many men calling her awful names. But luckily Drew never lets this stop her from voicing her opinion.  "truly do not care when men call me ugly and fat, or make fun of my appearance," she said. "I can't explain why, but it doesn't really affect me." Yes, girl! Be sure to check out Drew's TikTok page for yourself!

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