TikTok Influencers Are Now Dominating the Recruiter Sector

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| LAST UPDATE 01/15/2023

By Lesley Gary
TikTok Job Recruitment Emily Durham
@emily.the.recruiter via Instagram

Say all you want about TikTok influencers, but it seems with the growing and flourishing generation, they are having a positive impact on certain sectors. Recently, it has sparked attention that social media stars are contributing to recruitment services. Here's how.

In today's day and age, everything and anything is based around media. It has become our prime source of knowledge, resources, and circle of networks. While Linkedin has provided thousands of opportunities for job offers and global connections, TikTok is now dominating this workspace. Content creator, Emily Durham, has gained over 200,000 followers. Yet, she has incorporated her social media skills into her occupation as a senior recruiter for a company called Intruit. Don't underestimate the power of her social media skills. Though Linkedin feeds are flooded with posts, this makes it nearly impossible to see exactly what we want. There is no algorithm. So, she has made the bright decision to turn to her followers and post videos to show how influencers "can strengthen a company's recruiting offers," says CNBC.

TikTok Recruitment Emily Durham
@emily.the.recruiter via Instagram
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When it comes to reaching younger audiences, the director of solutions architects at SHL, a data and insights platform for talent acquisition and management, Erin Lazarus, has highlighted, "especially with younger audiences, companies can use TikTok to advertise open roles and reach candidates, like Gen Z and millennials." Hence, using an influencer who has a larger following than any Linkedin page has far more potential to advertise open roles and "increase the impact of a company's recruiting effort." Durham says these audiences "value perspective" and "appreciate authenticity." Even more so, it's not about a lengthy text of persuasion, as all it takes is two to four seconds of powerful content. Specifically, the influencer has established their loyal audience, enhancing confidence in their recruitment services. As Lazarus said, "in the digital world, opportunities are nearly endless." While every influencer has their audience, this needs to be just as beneficial as vice-versa. No matter how small or large a following, it comes down to the niche and specific job an influencer is invested in. Once you have found your influencer, their page becomes a coaching and job-searching guide, providing a multi-industry service wrapped into one. While influencers can be hired by companies to recruit candidates, specific factors such as their target audience, point of contact, media consumption, and platform of choice come into play. Thankfully, companies are confident in the "growing and exciting trend." The diverse creativity is only enhancing the recruitment sector, "helping companies reach underrepresented populations."

@emily.the.recruiter How to prepare for an interview (i got you bby!!!) #careeradvice #newgradadvice #bigsisteradvice ♬ France Accordion Swing - MIZUSATO Masaki

Lazarus explains, "we have an opportunity as organizations to really compete for the best talent out there to increase diversity, create more inclusion, and bring ourselves to where those pipelines are." Here's to the future of powerful social media...

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