How TikTok’s #GRWM Is Changing the Influencer Game

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| LAST UPDATE 02/03/2023

By Lesley Gary
GWRM TikTok Influencer Alix Earle
@alix_earle via Instagram

A new wave of 'it' people is taking the online world by storm, and they go by one name: Influencers! They're using their magical powers to connect with viewers everywhere through real, authentic content that gives us a direct look into their lives. Whether it's walking thru an IG-worthy skincare routine or watching them for a 'get ready with me' routine, we are always willing to watch. Let's take a look.

Greta Rolli's TikTok journey was kickstarted when her sis showed her the way in late 2019. When COVID-19 put a stop to everyday life, these two took advantage of more family time and got their creative juices flowing by singing & dancing in their living room - something that only this pandemic could've brought! Greta's taking us on a ride, and it is gorgeous! From early morning coffees with the fam to wedding dress fittings, she captures her life in ways that keep our views engaged. Taylor Schear recently revealed TikTok as the game-changer for digital advertising - so if you haven't already tapped into this platform, now is the time! It's official, the era of social media superstars has arrived. Whether it's slayin' that skincare routine or having workflow woes this platform is where everyone is at. Your favorite creators have already hopped on board and with billions of videos made, there truly never been a better time to join 'em. #GRWM #skincareroutine#gotoworkwithme get ready for world domination - you won't regret it.

Greta Rolli GWRM TikTok Influencer
@gretarolli via Instagram
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Let's take a look at Alix Earle, for example. This University of Miami student was living her best life and just having fun on the app. With 738M mentions of hashtag #AlixEarle and 53M for #AlixEarleMakeup, it's clear the recipe she whipped up is an absolute banger. Businesses are taking note - they can see how invested followers get when they watch their fav users recreate routines using products you could pick up in any store! Keep your eyes peeled cos Earle & Rolli are on their way to being the next big influencers. TikTok is a Gen Z-driven platform with over 1 billion users. Millennials may be present, but it's the younger generation calling the shots and making trends go viral. Brands are coming to terms with the fact that TikTok powers their ability to reach this huge audience - are you ready for your influencer takeover?

@alixearle SO EXCITED FOR you to see the outfit #grwm #roaring20s #umiami ♬ original sound - alix earle

When looking at the evolution of entertainment, it really is spot-on. Letting your consumers learn & be entertained is essential for success – you don't have to choose one over the other! If brands can understand this connection, they're destined for greatness... Stay tuned for more tips from your favorite influencers.

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