The Rise of Alex Cooper, Host of 'Call Her Daddy'

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| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Jessica Lopez

Alex Cooper became famous for talking hot gossip with her gal pal Sofia Franklyn. But, when secrets and loads of internet drama with other YouTubers and TikTok stars entered the mix, all bets were off in the fight for fame and success.

She's a 90's Chick

This is Alexandra Cooper, 26, who rose to fame as the host of Call Her Daddy, a well-known podcast. However, before she made a big ripple of tension with Barstool Sports and several TikTokers, Alex was a Pennsylvania townie. 

Alexandra Cooper Newton  Pennsylvania Alexandra Cooper Newton  Pennsylvania
Instagram via @alexandracooper

Born August 21, 1994, Cooper was raised in Newton, Pennsylvania. She lived with her parents, Laurie and Bryan Cooper, and two siblings named Kathryn and Grant. But, as much as she loved her relatives, Alexandra (Alex) moved elsewhere as soon as possible.

A Soccer Star

Cooper soon became a student at Pennsylvania's Pennington High School. It was there that she excelled in her classes and racked up the scoreboard on the soccer field. Alex's passion for the sport helped her get accepted into Boston University on a soccer scholarship.

High School Soccer StarHigh School Soccer Star
Instagram via @alexandracooper

She got along well with her teammates, but they weren't any ordinary group of gals. Instead, they were division one athletes who kept to a strict schedule. With tons of time devoted to the sport, Cooper added a championship to her resume. And, when she wasn't cleated-up, Alex was dressed up at the most fabulous parties.

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Alex Graduated College

Despite her weekend habits, Alex took her college education seriously and even found and explored a few budding professional passions. Some new fields caught Cooper's attention: media and entertainment. This led her to pick a major in the world of production.

Alex Cooper Boston UniversityAlex Cooper Boston University
Instagram via @alexandracooper

So, the young woman decided to gear her degree towards film and television. A fun-filled four years of lectures, parties, and sprinting down the soccer field passed by, and come May 2017, it was time for graduation. Alex was destined for the "real" world, and she was going to take it by storm thanks to social media.

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Dating in the Spotlight

As she began to explore life after college, Alex moved to the heart of New York City and officially began to live out her dreams. On top of that, Cooper entered into a different party scene, and before she knew it, a new love interest entered her life.

Noah Syndergaard Alexandra CooperNoah Syndergaard Alexandra Cooper
Mark Sagliocco / Stringer via Getty Images

They went on dates, got to know each other, and were caught kissing at the Knicks game! So, who was this mystery man? Well, none other than pro-baseball star Noah Syndergaard! Noah played for the NY Mets, but his budding relationship with Alex put him in the news even more. However, Cooper soon grew close with someone else.

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A New Best Friend

Over time, Alex's relationship with her baseball boy struck out, but she didn't let it get her down. The young woman knew that there were more eligible bachelors in the Big Apple. But first, leaning into some girl power vibes, Alex soon met someone that would alter her life as she knew it.

Alexandra Cooper Sofia FranklynAlexandra Cooper Sofia Franklyn
Instagram via @sofiafranklyn

Under two years after graduating from Boston University, Alex met Sofia Franklyn. The two became drawn to each other in no time and quickly achieved BFF status. But, it was during a vacation that the women considered embarking on a professional journey together.

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The Convo That Changed Everything

The gals were on holiday in Texas when they went out on the town for a chat over drinks. The convo soon turned into a heart-to-heart about life. From boys to hookups, the good, bad, and the ugly, the bonding was real. Sofia and Alex openly and vulnerably talked about many things...

Cooper Franklyn Best FriendsCooper Franklyn Best Friends
Instagram via @callherdaddy

This soon led to the friends realizing they had more in common than they initially thought. Deep in conversation, Alex and Sofia didn't realize that other women were listening in on the brewing tea. All of a sudden, someone suggested the pair make a show together.

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She Didn't Have a Job

Topic ideas began popping into their minds immediately. This was a time in which Alex found herself without a job but with ample time to think. "I was on unemployment checks; I didn't have a job," Cooper explained. "I was just vlogging and trying to make it on YouTube."

Alex Cooper Unemployed YouTubeAlex Cooper Unemployed YouTube
Instagram via @alexandracooper

Making it big was a bit hard to do without any training or help, but soon, things fell into place. "My friend who had just started at a start-up reached out to me and was like, 'Hey, Alex. Do you want to do a podcast?' So I bring Sofia along. I'm like, 'Yep. We're gonna do a show, no idea what it's gonna be yet.'"

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'Call Her Daddy' Was Born

Despite not knowing the topic of their future podcast, Alex and Sofia both entered this new experience with excitement. Neither knew it yet, but this opportunity would turn out to benefit them tenfold. So, the friends sat down once more to hash out all of the topics they could cover.

Call Her Daddy PodcastCall Her Daddy Podcast
Instagram via @callherdaddy

Again, dating, passion, adventure, and more surfaced in their minds. "We created it, and we get going," Alex remembered. And that was that, Call Her Daddy was born. "So we created four episodes," Cooper exclaimed. Full of their own hysterical dating stories and struggles, the ladies caught the attention of many. 

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It Skyrocketed

Because Alex already ran her own YouTube channel, she was no stranger to the work that went into creating content online. Cooper previously vlogged nights on the town and stories from her life. However, Sofia was more of a newbie when it came to creating this kind of stuff.

Podcast Call Her DaddyPodcast Call Her Daddy
Instagram via @sofiafranklyn

This didn't seem to negatively impact the Call Her Daddy platform, as the ladies' show received positive engagement nearly immediately upon releasing their first four episodes. People were eating up Alex and Sofia's gossip and girl talk. They soon began to realize this adventure could be a huge one.

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A DM From Barstool Sports

And, the gals weren't wrong! In no time, Call Her Daddy became noticed by a successful company: Barstool Sports. "[Barstool founder] David Portnoy slid into my DMs," Cooper took to her YouTube channel to explain. "I just knew him in social scenes of New York City." This was a huge step, so Alex went to meet Dave. 

Dave Portnoy Barstool SportsDave Portnoy Barstool Sports
Instagram via @callherdaddy

"[I] went to Barstool alone by myself for a few meetings, and they went great. Dave and I talked about, you know, coming with Call Her Daddy, me vlogging, and also just like coming as a personality and doing things at Barstool," Cooper explained. But did Portnoy want to work with both of the women or just Alex?

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"Let's Do The Damn Thing"

To Cooper's relief, Dave's offer included both Sofia and Alex. "I told him Call Her Daddy is Sofia and I, and he was like, 'Great, can't wait to meet her, bring her along. Let's do the damn thing,'" the CHD star explained. The ladies quickly signed a 3-year contract with the popular brand.

Barstool Sports Alex CooperBarstool Sports Alex Cooper
Instagram via @callherdaddy

In no time at all, "The podcast literally blew up," Alex announced. As their platform grew, the Call Her Daddy hosts felt they deserved a larger payment. "In our original contract, it stated that at the end of each year, we were able to renegotiate our compensation," Cooper recalled...

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The Hosts Wanted More

The original contract listed a 3-year deal with an increasing paycheck after each year of work. Their first year, the women of Call Her Daddy were expected to rack up $75,000 each. And, in the following years, their bank accounts were supposed to see $85,000 and $100,000 (yes, each)! 

Contract Controversy Alex CooperContract Controversy Alex Cooper
Instagram via @sofiafranklyn

But, despite these numbers, the gals felt this wasn't enough. Call Her Daddy had evolved into a brand with merchandise and more. But even after a raise, they didn't think they were making enough compared to what the podcast brought in. CHD was probably making Barstool Sports loads of dough. Cue the drama...

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Kesha...The End

Cooper and Franklyn needed some advice for what to do next, and at the time, Sofia was in a relationship with Peter, who happened to be a lawyer. So, as Alex explained it, "Sofia and I allowed Peter to essentially take the reins." He broke down what was happening for the women and revealed some big news.

Barstool Sports Money DramaBarstool Sports Money Drama
YouTube via Call Her Daddy

Peter told the hosts of the podcast that they were earning "Significantly less than industry standards." After learning this, Alex and Sofia made a list of what they wanted from Portnoy, and top on the list was more money. Unfortunately, Barstool Sports denied the requests, causing the duo to post an episode titled Kesha...The End.

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They Stuck to Their Demands

Then, Call Her Daddy went silent. Barstool had said a big "No," but this didn't stop the women from exploring other options. They inquired with other brands even though they were still tied to Barstool. But, what they found was that other platforms were willing to pay what the hosts believed their show was worth. 

Barstool Sports Dave PortnoyBarstool Sports Dave Portnoy
Instagram via @callherdaddy

Feeling more confident, Alex and Sofia then went back to Portnoy to explain that other companies were willing to pay them more. So he either had to pay up, or they were out. In the end, Dave agreed to increase the gals' salary to $500,000 per year, plus bonuses and subtraction of six months from their original agreement.

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Cooper vs. Franklyn

Suddenly, a rift between Alex and Sofia formed. When leaving the meeting with Dave, Cooper was over the moon that they had won the debate and would soon be paid a proper amount for their work. However, "Sofia was like, 'I personally don't think that meeting changed anything. I still feel the same as when we went in,'" Alex said.

Sofia Franklyn Alexandra CooperSofia Franklyn Alexandra Cooper
Gotham / Contributor via Getty Images

Cooper was floored. She hadn't realized that she and her co-host viewed the situation so differently. Sofia still wanted to comp-shop, but Alex was ready to close the deal. They agreed to wait a few days before answering, but it was then that secrets meant for behind closed doors soon came to the surface.

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The Team Split Ways

Cooper was set on sticking it out with Barstool Sports while Sofia remained unsure and leaning towards no. When Franklyn found out that Alex had once received a raise before she did, the friendship was put on blast as the former friends snitched on one another.

Cooper Partnered Barstool SportsCooper Partnered Barstool Sports
YouTube via Call Her Daddy

Alex revealed that Sofia had previously told her that it made her uneasy that Cooper handled more of the CHD work. Apparently, this was why Alex kept the raise a secret. "I would just be editing late at night…and I would take [and post] a Snapchat," Cooper explained. And what happened next? Alex claimed Sofia took the credit.

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Cooper Became a "Single Father"

Alex ended up taking the deal with Barstool Sports alone and soon became a "Single Father" to the podcast, as she said. After a brief hiatus, Cooper was back on the docket in May 2020. But this time, she had new ideas to keep her audience captivated and make up for the lack of the usual second voice on CHD

Miley Cyrus Alex CooperMiley Cyrus Alex Cooper
Instagram via @alexandracooper

A few months later, in August 2020, Alex teamed up with a celebrity that knew how to bring the spice to the microphone: an episode with Miley Cyrus. But, while Cooper began to think that things were turning around for the best, a ghost of Call Her Daddy past came back to haunt her. Sofia wanted to have the last word. 

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"This Person Was Never My Friend"

Alex had put her head down to focus her energy on the podcast, but Franklyn spoke out and rocked the boat hard. "I don't really know how a friendship breakup feels, and part of the reason why is, I realized later that this person was never my friend," Sofia said, blasting her raw feelings across all platforms.

Sofia Franklyn Alexandra CooperSofia Franklyn Alexandra Cooper
Instagram via @sofiafranklyn

"I think I was completely just used as a vessel to get famous," Sofia continued. "She saw me, thought I was funny, she thought we had good chemistry. I confused that with a friendship, and it really was just a business ploy on her end," she concluded. With the drama bandaid ripped off, more anti-Alex internet celebs spoke out.

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Drama in the Sway House

This time, the TikTokverse was speaking out about their drama with the Call Her Daddy host. But, this one took fans by surprise, as they didn't know that Alex had overlapped with TikTok's Sway House. Checking the receipts, this all traces back to when Cooper was a guest on Portnoy and Josh Richards' podcast, BFFs, in late 2020.

Sway House Alex CooperSway House Alex Cooper
Instagram via @swayla

The men asked Alex to "Rate" the boys in the Sway House, of which she complied, but not before setting something straight. Cooper made sure to voice that all of the guys in the house were way too young for her. But that didn't stop the internet icon from spilling some tea about Griffin Johnson sliding into her DM's…

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"It Was a Failed Mission"

According to Cooper, Griffin attempted to reach out. In response, the young man tweeted, "Confirmed that I did slide into @alexandracooper DM's.. it was a failed mission." Awkward! But, what came next, Alex critiquing the rest of the Sway boys, struck two of them the wrong way.

Blake Gray Alex CooperBlake Gray Alex Cooper
Instagram via @blakegray

Apparently, Cooper called out Blake Gray about his then-bleached hair and how she thought it wasn't working for him. Then, she divulged that Gray's GF, Amelie Zilber, had slid into her DM's asking for relationship help. It seemed that Alex ruffled some feathers because Blake took to Twitter to basically call Cooper irrelevant.

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The Twitterverse Heated Up

Alex then directed Blake to "Ask [his] girlfriend" who she was, saying that his "Whole relationship" was written out in her DM's thanks to Zilber. Then Gray heated up and clapped back. "Why is some 30-year old who's going through a mid-life crisis trying to feel young again by… tweeting about my 19-year-old relationship?" he wrote.

Bryce Hall Alex CooperBryce Hall Alex Cooper
Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff via Getty Images

As for Bryce Hall's involvement? Cooper said that he looked like Sid, the sloth from Ice Age, while speaking on BFFs. Host Josh giggled along, all in good fun about the matter, but Bryce had a different opinion. "Imagine the roles were switched, and we roasted her appearance," he suggested. 

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TikTok and Flamin' Hot Cheetos

But, Alex didn't really seem bothered by the situation at all. Instead, her mind was more focused on how she would attain Flamin' Hot Cheetos while abroad on vacation. Clearly, Cooper thought she had better things to be doing than leaning into Twitter drama.

TikTok Alex Cooper ScandalTikTok Alex Cooper Scandal
Instagram via @ alexandracooper

When a fan reached out asking, "Why are you on TikTok tea pages LMFAO," Cooper replied, "Idk more importantly, I'm focused on why are flaming hot Cheetos banned in London," affirming that her mind was indeed occupied on other things. In a matter of weeks, Alex's name was back in the media.

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An Accused "Fake" Relationship

Once she finally could be bothered to check out the latest headlines, the podcast host was shocked to see how the online universe was reacting to her Sway House ranking. In fan's digging, more clips from the BFFs podcast were found and leaked online. And based on what Cooper said, Dixie D'Amelio was not happy. 

D'Amelio Beck Rumor CooperD'Amelio Beck Rumor Cooper
Rich Fury / Staff via Getty Images

"I just don't like when people fake relationships for the internet," Alex told Portnoy and Richards of her thoughts about D'Amelio and Noah Beck's union being for clout. In reply, the couple did what they do best and posted a TikTok. So, what was their clap back? A simple video lounging on Dixie's bed, rolling their eyes.

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"[He] is Really Bad at Keeping a Secret"

The couple's reaction was simple yet effective. But, this wasn't the only relationship that ended up being called into question. In fact, rumors swirled after Logan Paul claimed to have hooked up with Alex. Fast forward to April 2021, and Cooper was back on the BFFs podcast, answering questions about Paul. 

Logan Paul Alex CooperLogan Paul Alex Cooper
Jon Kopaloff / Stringer via Getty Images

So much for their agreement to keep things on the DL! "We were going to keep it to ourselves," Alex explained. "[But] Logan Paul is really bad at keeping a secret," she declared. So, Cooper had some explaining to do, and Portnoy and Richards were all ears.

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Alex Admitted Her Secret BF

As it turned out, Logan himself let the secret slip. But, with grace, Alex took the reins of the situation and keyed fans in on the truth of the matter. Their short fling was nothing more than that: Short and just a fling. But Cooper then shared some boiling hot tea about her love life…

Secret Relationship Alexandra CooperSecret Relationship Alexandra Cooper
Instagram via @alexandracooper

She had gone monogamous with a new man but refused to share his name. This was strange for Alex's fans and followers, as she typically divulged ALL of the info. Cooper admitted to being in love with this person but wouldn't say much more than "I'm keeping him private." But, this wasn't the only surprise she had up her sleeve.

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A $60 Million Deal

Fans gathered that Alex's romantic secret was off-limits, but she did share some exciting ish about her upcoming business ventures. The podcast host landed a massively impressive opportunity: A $60M deal with Spotify! This was a huge step in the direction Cooper had envisioned at the start of Call Her Daddy. 

Spotify Massive Deal CooperSpotify Massive Deal Cooper
Instagram via @alexandracooper

After all of the back-and-forth with Barstool Sports, countless arguments, and adjustments throughout the years, Alex found a better option for her platform. This time, she was gonna go big, not go home. In July 2021, Call Her Daddy launched on the music streaming platform. But, this new contract came with modifications. 

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Her Net Worth Escalated

Alex quickly reached the top ranks of internet personalities on her own, but this new Spotify deal launched her to new ranks. Not only was her status growing, but her wallet sure was, too. Per Celebrity Ner Worth, at the time of this writing, Cooper's net worth reached $10M. 

Net Worth Alex CooperNet Worth Alex Cooper
Instagram via @alexandracooper

If that much dough wasn't enough, Alex also made history when she landed her Spotify deal. Why? Because it was apparently the largest exclusive deal that a female-run podcast ever landed at the time of agreement. But, what was Cooper to do with all of this money and growing fame?

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Living Large in LA

Well, to begin, Alex's Call Her Daddy success enabled her to leave New York City and head to Los Angeles. And not into any old flat, but a massive luxurious apartment. She soon filled the space with stunning decorations, and it seemed that she was finally living the good life.

Los Angeles Alexandra CooperLos Angeles Alexandra Cooper
Twitter via @alexandracooper

"I'm incredibly thankful for everyone who has supported, helped, and been a part of Call Her Daddy," Alex gushed. "From its start three years ago, the show has always been about challenging the status quo and manifesting conversations that previously only happened behind closed doors." But not everyone was a fan...

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"Challenging The Status Quo"

However, behind the scenes were haters ready to pounce. Despite Cooper utilizing CHD as a way of "Challenging the status quo," people had other opinions. Some felt the material in the podcast was the opposite of empowering gals. Others asked how Barstool Sports, a male-dominated company, could run something female-oriented.

Call Her Daddy PodcastCall Her Daddy Podcast
Instagram via @alexandracooper

To clear things up, Cooper spoke up in one of her episodes: "For people that don't know what Call Her Daddy means, the word 'daddy' is like, you're a are in control of your life." She continued, "We are saying, 'No, no, no, girls can be daddy, too...Men can be [daddy] too."

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It's Only The Beginning

Thankfully for Cooper, the copious amounts of fans she gained throughout the years outweighed the negativity online. At the moment, Call Her Daddy's Instagram page sits pretty at 1.8M followers, with Alex's personal page reaching upwards of 2.2M! And the podcast host is still looking for bigger and better.

Cooper Call Her DaddyCooper Call Her Daddy
Mark Sagliocco / Stringer via Getty Images

From her small-town upbringing to living the life in Los Angeles, there's no denying that Cooper has been on quite the adventure. According to the influencer world, Alex's popularity is destined for more growth. And we can't wait to see what the Call Her Daddy superstar comes up with next. 

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