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Teen Burn Victim Becomes Inspiring Beauty Icon

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@aleemaxali via Instagram

Aleema Ali is inspiring thousands of people on the internet! The 18-year-old suffered intense burns on more than half of her body, but her hardships haven't stopped her from pursuing her dream of becoming a successful beauty influencer on TikTok. Here's her remarkable story.

When Ali was 12 years old, she was tragically left in a coma for 5 weeks after she walked into her kitchen with flammable head-lice treatment in her hair. The injuries were so severe that the doctors thought the teenager wouldn't make it. "The only thing I was thinking was, 'I'm going to die,'" she revealed in a candid interview with Caters. "How can somebody make it out after such a big accident?" But luckily, she fought hard and survived! Yet she was left with many burns on her body and face that sadly harshed her self-esteem. So she learned makeup tricks on social media to try and regain her self-confidence. From there, she decided she would also upload her own tutorials on TikTok.

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@aleemaxali via Instagram

Quickly Ali became a success - today, she has thousands of followers looking to her for inspiration. Over the years on the app and through her own trial and error with makeup, she has become an expert. Many of the comments on her posts are fans explaining how helpful her tricks have been in enhancing their features and making themselves feel more beautiful. But that's not all she has gone viral for. Ali has stunning long black hair that many of her followers have noticed. One user even commented on her TikTok, "Please do a proper hair tutorial because your hair is goals for real." And so she did!

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Ali uploaded a tutorial showing viewers her favorite products to use to copy her long glossy locks, which grew back even though doctors told her that they would not return due to the severity of the burns she suffered. Despite the difficulties Ali has dealt with, she is thankful for the woman she has become from the experiences. “It’s changed my life for the better,” she told Daily Mail when she spoke to them about her beauty ventures. “I’m much stronger, braver, and confident than I was before.” Make sure to check out her TikTok makeup tutorials!