Meet the Woman Dominating Online Shopping

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| LAST UPDATE 03/29/2022

By Danielle Mejia
ludi delfino revolve girl
Instagram via @ludidelfino

Chances are you've seen her during your recent online shopping splurges, but have you ever stopped to think about just how visible Ludi Delfino is? Well, one viral tweet from last month got us (and thousands of other online shoppers) thinking about her impact. And now she's ready to share her story.

Ludi Delfino, the Brazilian-born model, has made a name for herself as one of the most successful e-commerce models of our generation. While we know her well from her shoots with Revolve, she's also modeled for other brands like Forever21, Shein, FashionPass, BCBG, Lauren Moshi, and countless others. These days, you'd be pressed to scroll through one of the brands and not see her on display - but her career wasn't always what it is now. "Not having a super 'fashion' look obviously didn't get me too far when I was younger," the experienced model recalled of her days early on in her 17-year career. "I was never the fashion-looking girl." But that all took a turn when the fashion industry went from print catalog to digital, which ushered in an era of more casual modeling standards and day-to-day styles. "That was life-changing for the career of models like me," she reflected during her interview with Glamour.

revolve girl viral model
Instagram via @ludidelfino
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Now, Ludi's found herself with a larger-than-life reputation as e-commerce's it-girl. "She gets the look right away, she's easy-going, consistent, and she has a sense of style, so if we ask for an opinion... she always has the right thing to say," gushed one of the reps of Delfino's regular brands. And after years of dominating the fashion industry, she's naturally become something of a pop culture icon as well. Back in February, a tweet went viral and gave Delfino the recognition she deserved. "This girl really carries the weight of online shopping on her shoulders," @takeyourzoloft tweeted. It later got picked up by major accounts like @commentsbybravo, @betches, and more.

"Those comments made me feel really good," Ludi gushed. "They're the ones that keep me busy." You can check out the full interview here - and stay tuned for more!

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