Remi Bader Debuts Mystery Boyfriend on Instagram

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| LAST UPDATE 12/07/2022

By Rylee Wise
remi bader boyfriend instagram
Gary Gershoff / Contributor via Getty Images

Remi Bader is officially taken - and we are loving that for her! The lovable influencer recently made her relationship Instagram official. Although she hasn't shared details about her mystery man since their relationship first went public, Bader has uploaded a few teasers to Instagram and TikTok of the two partaking in some of the latest trends, laughing and smiling away! Here's what to know about the new it-couple.

Officially known as the queen of "realistic hauls," Bader rose to fame back in 2020 for her honest reviews on some of our favorite brands and clothing pieces. Although she admits she "never thought it would be possible" to reach the level of fame she's received, Remi has become a true inspiration and advocate of expanding sizes in the fashion industry. The curve model and content creator has worked with brands such as Victoria's Secret PINK and Revolve to create a more inclusive collection not limited to certain sizes.

Remi Bader Boyfriend Instagram
Instagram via @remibader
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The content creator is keeping her relationship details tight-lipped for now but shared with E! News that they've been dating since June, and she was "waiting until I felt that it was a real and secure relationship" to go public. Bader explained to E! News that she has felt true to herself through the whole dating process and that they each have their own sense of style. "His hasn't changed, and mine hasn't changed, but we definitely match each other's energy," she said. "It's exciting to share with my followers, and they see through the screen that I'm very happy." True, we can see you're very happy! Although she has not shared her boyfriend's identity, she admits it's "fun to let them [her followers] in on that new piece of my life." 


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Luckily for us, the TikTok queen is slowly giving us more and more content about her mystery man! Bader admitted she subsequently forgot that "I gave Instagram my hard lunch and I didn't give the privilege to TikTok, so here it is," with the same black and white photo of the two smooching that she previously uploaded to Insta. And obviously, fans have been buzzing over the news; even Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank dropped a comment, "investing early in this relationship." Yes, we are! Stay tuned.

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