Remembering Rising TikTok Star Tanya Pardazi

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| LAST UPDATE 09/05/2022

By Lesley Gary
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@ryestnya via Instagram

Canadian TikTok influencer Tanya Pardazi has passed after a tragic skydiving accident. The horrific event took place at Skydive Toronto. After taking several classes, the 21-year-old pushed herself to perform her first solo skydive. Unfortunately, the deed did not go as planned. And now, Pardazi's fans have taken to the internet to remember the beloved influencer - the second TikTok star to pass away this summer.

Pardazi was laid to rest on September 2nd at a memorial service in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The funeral was live-streamed by the Elgin Mills Funeral Centre while friends and family watched a photo montage of Pardazi while Angel by Sarah McLachlan played in the background. One guest delivered a beautiful eulogy at the funeral. The guest commended Tanya for achieving so much already at a young age and doing things that "many people fail to fulfill even in 80 or 90 years." One friend mentioned a list of things Pardazi had learned by her 18th birthday, most importantly, "don't take yourself so seriously, nothing matters in the grand scheme anyway." Another friend, Kimia Sepanlou, explained how she was "at a loss for words." She proceeded, "I'm heartbroken, because we never got to go on our Bali trip together like we always talked about, but also at an eerie ease knowing that you finally got your answer as to what an afterlife looks like. You were one in a million and went out like a one in a million would. You were loved by many. You'll be missed by many. Wait for me on the other side." 

TikTok Tanya Padarzi Death
@ryestnya via Instagram
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Tanya Pardazi was a Canadian influencer and a philosophy student at the University of Toronto. Unfortunately, on August 27th, Pardazi fell to her death after her parachute was released and started to rotate at a low altitude, not allowing enough time for the parachute to inflate correctly. The skydiving company explained it was an "emergency situation" with "fatal injuries." The Skydive Toronto team is working hard with the South Simcoe Police to understand what happened and investigate further. Still, the police announced that Pardazi was taken to the local hospital, where she was "pronounced deceased." The company added Tanya was "a welcomed recent addition to the skydiving community and will be missed amongst the student's new friends and fellow jumpers of Skydive Toronto Inc." Family, close friends, and fans immediately started to mourn the tragic loss of Pardazi.

Her friends noted they will never forget Pardazi for "picking up new hobbies," while her friends called her "a gift to the world." She was known to be unique and different, but her fanbase on TikTok has continued to pay their respects online through videos and comments. Thankfully, the funeral was "well attended" and performed with the utmost respect. Thoughts are with Tanya's family and friends.

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