Phone Eats First: Tips To Get the Perfect Shot

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| LAST UPDATE 11/08/2022

By Dayna Hanson
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The phone eats first! Taking photos of your food is serious business: You need to get the angle, the framing, and the lighting just right to show off that delicious meal you are having. So, we’ll make it easy for you and provide our favorite hacks for snapping the perfect pic of your meal.

There is no need for any fancy setup with lights of cameras, lenses, and different lighting options. All you need is your smartphone to get things started, and of course, if you would like to upgrade to a camera, then be our guest! The best thing to do is to shoot in natural light. If you are thinking to yourself, what about all those shadows popping up in my photos? Here’s a way to help avoid that, frame your phone’s camera from where the light is coming from. Also, if you are dining at night and have a friend with you, they can use the flashlight on their phone to direct the light onto the food, so you do not have to use your flash.

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@sistersnacking via Instagram
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Friends do not have to be sidelined to only help with lighting. Chicago-based food influencer Alex Jewell, who uses the username @bestfoodalex, has his wife help him out with the action of the photos. He told The Takeout, “She does a lot of the magic of what I’m shooting in terms of the cheese pulls, she’ll lift pasta up, she’ll pull things apart.” So, your friends can help your photo go from a still shot of a mac and cheese bowl to the ooey gooey bite that everyone on your feed will be drooling over. Don’t be afraid to edit the post. Minor tweaks like adjusting the brightness or the saturation of a photo can help enhance the food. Although, keep in mind that you want things to still look natural. Another tip is to shoot as much as possible. You never know what picture will be the right one, so take as many as you can.

There are so many ways to photograph your food and make it look delicious. The best thing to remember is to be yourself and have fun with it! And on that note, excuse us - suddenly we've worked up quite an appetite...

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