Molly-Mae Goes Viral After Exposing Influencer Culture

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| LAST UPDATE 01/14/2022

By Jessica Lopez
molly mae viral influencer
Instagram via @mollymae

Whether it's another Pretty Little Thing campaign or paid advertisement, let's face it: Molly-Mae is everywhere. From Love Island to launching her very own clothing line, the successful boss lady has shown us how it's done. But according to the influencer, the key to success is actually quite simple. Here's what the star had to say for herself - and why it's shed light on a rising problem within the influencing world.

It all started back in December, when the former Love Island star sat down with podcast The Diary Of A CEO to talk just that - the untold life of a thriving boss lady. As she began to walk us through her come-up journey, the blonde beauty decided to pull the curtains back on just how much blood, sweat, and tears have been involved in her rise to the top. "I've worked my absolute *** off to get to where I am now," Mae proudly explained. But that's not all she said.

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As Molly-Mae continued to dive deeper into life as an influencer, she soon said something that raised a few eyebrows. "We all have the same 24 hours in a day," the entrepreneur explained. "I understand that we all have different backgrounds and that we were raised in different ways... but I think if you want something enough you can achieve it." While her encouraging words were meant to bring a sense of comfort to viewers at home, unfortunately, it appears they did quite the opposite.

molly mae podcast influencer
Gareth Cattermole/Staff/Getty Images

Sure enough, after the interview recently resurfaced online, it left users completely alarmed. Why? Critics have come to disagree with her bold statement - instead, viewing it as a nod to the problems within influencer culture. "We have GOT to stop giving platforms to people like this," one user noted. "If you come from a place of privilege, you should work extra hard to educate yourself on the hardships of others," another wrote. But podcast's host, Steven Bartlett, viewed things very differently: "If I interview a successful woman, she's got to tiptoe around her success and watch her words? Gender issues aside, the standard we hold Molly Mae to as a 22-year-old that's figuring out the world is absolutely outrageous." What do you think? Was Molly-Mae mistaken? Or perhaps is there a bigger issue at play here?

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