This Model Stood Up Against Unhealthy Beauty Standards

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| LAST UPDATE 12/08/2021

By Danielle Mejia
stephanie claire smith influencer
Instagram via @stephclairesmith

Meet Stephanie Miller, or better known on Instagram as, stephclairesmith: a millennial model from Australia who decided to take a stand against the restrictive world of high fashion.

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Instagram via @stephclairesmith

As a teen, Stephanie was always interested in modeling and all things fashion, so as school wrapped up, she found herself busier and busier with local gigs in her hometown of Melbourne. And before she knew it she landed the opportunity of a lifetime to work as a model in New York. Young and impressionable, Smith jetted off to the USA but soon found it wasn't all that she hoped it would be. "I was pretty confident as a kid," Steph explained as she shared her emotional journey of self-love and positive body image. "Particularly when I started modeling...we're denied from jobs more than we are accepted," Steph explained.

Soon, she found herself taking criticisms from editors and photographers to heart and internalized some harsh thoughts about her appearance. It impacted everything from her diet to exercise regiment until she realized enough was enough. She still loved modeling but wanted to find a way to pursue her passion while still loving her body. And she did just that! Through openness and honesty, Steph carved a place for herself in the industry with body-positive brands that embraced naturally athletic figure.

Now, the new mom, fitness entrepreneur, and model is committed as ever to shedding light on the negative side of the industry and accepting every stretch mark, roll, and hair on her body. "I won't lie, there were moments old judgemental voice would chime in as I saw my belly... But I told that voice to bugger off," she shared of her post-baby body. "Remember perfection doesn't exist, but progression in accepting ourselves and respecting ourselves absolutely can and does exist."

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If you want to learn more about Steph's journey on her healthy relationship to exercise and body image you can find her on Instagram at @stephclairesmith or her fitness platform @keepitcleaner.