Megan Got Some Serious H-Town Love This Weekend

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| LAST UPDATE 12/13/2021

By Danielle Mejia
megan thee stallion graduation
Instagram via @theestallion

Our very own Megan Thee Stallion was soaking in the hometown love this past weekend. From her highly anticipated college graduation to a special award she received, Megan was on cloud nine, and we've got all the details.

For those who need a refresher, Megan announced her upcoming graduation date back in October, and the big day finally arrived! Her graduation took place on Saturday, December 11th, and marked a special end of a chapter for the Beautiful Mistakes rapper. "I want y'all to remember that you can do whatever you wanna do and be whoever you wanna be, cause look at me!" Megan shared on her celebratory Instagram post. From Taraji P Henson to Charlie XX, tons of celebs (plus another two million fans) showed some love for the Grammy-winning artist.

megan stallion texas hero
Instagram via @theestallion

But the good times weren't done yet! Once Megan was across the stage with her diploma in hand, she scooted off to her next Houston event, which honored just how much of an inspiration she really is for the people of her hometown. "Today I was given thee 18th Congressional District of Texas Hero Award by congresswoman @sheilajacksonlee In my hometown HOUSTON TX," Tina Snow shared in her caption. But in true Megan spirit, she couldn't let the award be all about herself - instead, Thee Stallion threw love right back at her hometown.

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"Although I appreciate the recognition I'm just happy that I am able to give back to and put smiles on the faces of the people in my city." And she most definitely has! A picture of her award showed all the good that Megan has done for the people of Houston, including sponsoring scholarships for women to study at her alma mater and donating profits from Savage to a Houston-based nonprofit that helps feed those in need. She also helped pay for the rebuild of 80 seniors' homes in the city and provided school supplies for 600 students from her old high school! Talk about a big heart.

We couldn't think of anyone more deserving of the award and are sending nothing but love Megan's way. Check back soon to see what she'll do next!