Matilda Djerf: The Millionaire Influencer With No Business Plan

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| LAST UPDATE 10/20/2022

By Lesley Gary
Matilda Djerf Fashion Influencer
@matildadjerf via Instagram

From fish scaler to multi-millionaire fashion CEO, meet Matilda Djerf, the Swedish influencer who turned her effortless aesthetic into an online empire. However, her route to social fame was far from ordinary, almost as if she woke up one morning and was an instant sensation. This is her story.

The 25-year-old knew she had a talent, knowing what she wanted to do and how she would do it. Although some prefer years of strategic planning and execution of trial and error, this didn't suit Matilda's path. Though, her career wasn't always picture-perfect. In her younger years, Djerf begged for a job in a fish shop. That's when her determination kicked in. She spent hours YouTube surfing on how to slice a fish properly and would confidently approach the situation when she had the chance. As time passed, she noticed the senior employees had control over almost everything and wanted things done traditionally, which was not for Djerf. She had a flare for fashion and knew she had to do something about it. She was always present on Instagram and TikTok but grew more popular for her effortless aesthetics.

Matilda Djerf Influencer Bio
@matildadjerf via Instagram
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Soon enough, Djerf was becoming an online inspiration. From tutorials for her "Farrah Fawcett-Esque hair," now under "Matilda Djerf hair," to her basic fashion, she had an impact. According to Insider, The Cut magazine credited her for bringing ballet slippers back into style, while Elle Magazine established the name "Scandi-core aesthetic." As the life of an influencer goes, she was offered one brand deal after another. However, she turned to her boyfriend, Rasmus, and decided she wanted to be her own boss, to have "full control." She said, "It was a shot in the dark. We kind of felt like it could either be a hit or it could be a complete miss." The most intriguing part was that there were no "goals, expectations, or even a business plan." However, they gave themselves a 5-year mark in the hope they could live their lives to the fullest. Though skeptical, 3 years after launching Djerf Avenue fashion brand, the results "began exceeding their expectations." In 2021, Vogue confirmed the brand made $8 million in sales, while The Tab tiptoed around her income, "between £1 and 5 million, or roughly $1.15 and $5.76 million." It makes sense to see her 14-hour work day. With 20 employees, 2.7million IG followers, and 1.3million TikTok followers, it's safe to say her light-bulb moment worked in her favor!


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As an entrepreneur and CEO, Djerf ensures a maintained "safe space" for customers, "no matter their appearance." She is aware of her knowledge and passion, which is most likely why she has succeeded so well. After trusting her instincts and intertwining them with her fashion statements, Djerf definitely nailed the system of an influencer

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