Marianna Hewitt Shares the Secret to Building a Brand

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| LAST UPDATE 01/23/2023

By Dayna Hanson
Marianna Hewitt Influencer Success
@marianna_hewitt via Instagram

Marianna Hewitt has been a staple on the scene for years now. She was one of the OG influencers, and since she started doing YouTube videos, she has evolved her personal brand into a podcast, a skincare brand, and more. Now she’s sharing tips and tricks for building your own personal brand and more.

From aesthetic photos of her living space to perfectly curated outfits, Miss Hewitt has been sharing her life on social media for over a decade. She was born and raised in Westerville, Ohio. The small-town girl dreamed of doing something big with her life. Mission accomplished! She began her influencer career when Jersey Shore was on MTV, Katy Perry released California Gurls, and Justin Bieber still had his iconic swoopy 'do. She recalled the beginning of her career to Bustle, “I was working as a host at the time in fashion and beauty news and downloaded Instagram to share behind-the-scenes of carpets and events I would attend for work. The comments started to ask where I got my dress or how I did my hair and makeup for work, so I took what I was already doing each day and started sharing it with my small following.” She was a total #girlboss. And she still is!

Marianna Hewitt Beauty Fashion
@marianna_hewitt via Instagram
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Today, the entrepreneur co-created a skincare brand line, Summer Fridays, with her friend, a podcast called Life With Marianna, and an Instagram feed so perfectly curated it could be in a museum! So, how does she stay consistent with all her endeavors and years of influencing? She swears it is because “The core of my personal brand remains the same: beauty in all things.” And what’s her advice to anyone looking to build their brand? Hewitt explained, “Figure out what you’re good at, which platform aligns best with your skills, and what you enjoy doing, and focus there. And just start!” She also mentions being consistent with your posting to maintain the momentum. She even shared what the best advice she received was. It was “to just get started because the timing will never be perfect. You’ll figure things out along the way, but the hardest first step is to just begin.”

Marianna Hewitt is one of the originals and continues to shine in everything she does. Whenever in doubt, simply ask yourself – what would Marianna do? And stay tuned for more game-changing hacks.  

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