Liam Payne’s Girlfriend “Manifested” Him When She Was 10 Years Old

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| LAST UPDATE 11/20/2023

By Mia Wilson
Liam Payne Girlfriend Manifest
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Liam Payne's new girlfriend, Kate Cassidy, unveiled her secret weapon for attracting a One Direction boyfriend: manifestation. In a TikTok video that's gone appropriately viral, the 24-year-old proudly revealed a drawing she made of Liam on a popsicle stick when she was only ten years old. Talk about positive affirmations…

With an enormous grin plastered on the influencer's face, Kate told her TikTok followers, "I am the best manifester, and I'm going to show you why." Kate pulls out a popsicle stick colored to make jeans, a shirt, and floppy brown hair. The stick's base reads 'Liam' with a heart on top of the i.: "I drew this when I was 10 years old and it's a popsicle stick of Liam. And somehow, 10 years later..." Kate then swings open her childhood bedroom door, revealing Liam Payne himself lounging casually on her teenage bed. Still giggling from the situation's absurdity, Kate waves the popsicle stick in front of Liam's face and hilariously says, "Be careful what you wish for." In classic Liam fashion, he just smiles through the entire video.

Liam Payne Girlfriend Kate
@katecass via Instagram
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Kate masterfully selected One Direction's 2014 hit Night Changes as the soundtrack to her TikTok video. The lyrics, "Even when the night changes," the group harmonizes, "it will never change me and you." Well, it just about speaks for itself. Accompanying the video was a caption that read: "The power of manifesting, I guess #manifesting #childhood #vlog." Do influencers have special powers that we humans don’t yet understand?

@kateecass the power of manifesting i guess 🤣 #manifesting #childhood #vlog ♬ Night Changes - One Direction

With 2.5 million views, 396k likes, and 2900 comments, Kate may be just as good at manifesting an influencer career as she is at manifesting a famous boyfriend. A social media influencer with a knack for keeping her private life, well, private, Kate has been linked to One Direction's Liam since 2022. Liam and Kate went public with their relationship in October 2022 when they were seen together at a Halloween party. The couple's spotting came shortly after his split from model Maya Henry. While their relationship has been shrouded in secrecy, Kate has occasionally graced her Instagram feed with glimpses of their cozy coupledom. 

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