The LaBrant Fam Is Expecting Baby Number Four!

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| LAST UPDATE 11/15/2021

By Joyce Ballard
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"It feels way too soon to be filming one of these again," Cole LaBrant said at the beginning of a recently-uploaded video by the popular family. But ready or not, another baby is on the way! Here's everything to know about Savannah's fourth pregnancy - plus, her biggest pet peeve when she has a baby in the oven.

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Instagram via @sav.labrant

The rumors are true: the First Family of YouTube is officially expecting another child. Savannah and Cole took to their preferred platform with a detailed video of their latest pregnancy journey. The parents-of-three (soon to be four - or more) explained that they want Zealand, their third and youngest, to have a sibling close in age. So once he turned one, the young couple got to work since it could ultimately take a while to be successful.

Savannah Cole LaBrant Kids
Instagram via @sav.labrant

Lucky for us, they gave fans an inside look at the whole thing. The expecting mama and her beau recorded videos for three months as they took one pregnancy test after another. And while the first few showed negative results, finally, the third month bought third times the charm. "I'm so happy," Savannah emotionally said as she looked at the pregnancy test. "She's been so nauseous the past like four mornings, but like I didn't wanna get like my hopes up, so I didn't like hype it up," Cole admitted.

"But I so knew I was pregnant this whole time," Savannah added. "I know my body. I only want bagels and sausage and bread, and that's all I've been eating. I knew it. Like this morning, we went out to breakfast, and he was like, 'Let's go to this one place.' And in my brain, I was like, 'No, I want to go to this other place,' and I was starting to get so mad at you. It was the first time. Like I feel like it's the only time I get mad at you is when I can't eat what I want to eat when I'm pregnant." TBH, that's a daily mood for us.

Savannah LaBrant Pregnant, pregnancy
Instagram via @sav.labrant

"Baby number four. This is so big. This is our fourth baby. This is crazy," Savannah continued. As for whether there's more to come? "We're halfway there," Cole said. So it seems that the 25-year-old dad sees eight children in their future. But Sav disagreed and mentioned she wanted six. "Even if we weren't on YouTube... our entire career would be babies cause this is what I've always wanted my whole life," she gushed.

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Check out the emotional moment, and everything leading up to it, in the video above. And best wishes to the happy - and growing - family!