How Influencers Have Turned to Ray-Bans To Film Content

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| LAST UPDATE 01/07/2022

By Zoe Browning
ray ban stories sunglasses
@rayban via Instagram

Our favorite Instagram influencers are always up to date with the latest fashion trends, makeup routines, and more. But, how exactly do they manage to always get the perfect shot? There are numerous secret tips and tricks that content creates use. Here's the latest technological equipment that helps influencers snap their IG pics.

Pau Dictado, an LA-based digital creator, opened up to Complex about using Ray-Ban Stories: the Ray-Ban and Meta’s smart glasses collab, designed to capture content. She mainly focuses on providing her audience with fashion videos to post on her reels. But, it can be difficult to do so sometimes - when this happens, she relies on her trusty shades. “The fact that you can record videos hands-free is game-changing,” Dictado gushed over the product, “Plus, I love that the glasses give my content a unique first-person point-of-view, and to make things even better, I can easily do it all at the click of a button.” 

sunglasses content creator instagram
@paudictado via Instagram
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Sounds very useful, but what exactly are the features of the Ray-Bans stories? Firstly, each pair includes a Dual 5MP camera that automatically adapts to the lighting to produce that Insta-worthy shot. There is a hypertensive button that allows users to easily start or stop their recordings. Once the photoshoot is over, influencers can download the Meta View App, where pictures can be imported, edited, and posted to social media platforms. But that's not all, the sunglasses can also be used as headphones, because of the added open-ear speakers on each side.

When content makers are out and about filming and producing new ideas, they don't want their cameras to run out of battery, so of course, a portable charger was specifically made with creators in mind. One way Dictado enjoyed putting her lenses to use is in nature: "I think a great place to wear them is Yosemite as the sights are grand and beautiful, so it would be awesome to see Yosemite as I do through the lens of Ray-Ban Stories," she noted. Don't forget to check out the pictures of the glasses captured on Pau Dictado's Instagram. And if you, too, are ready to get behind this new way of creating, check out Ray-Ban's website for the picture-perfect shades!

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