Here's How Our Fave Influencers Are Changing the Game

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| LAST UPDATE 06/27/2021

By Joyce Ballard
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The last year and a half has brought us to rely on social media even more than we did before. And with the birth of our beloved TikTok influencers, the key to internet success seems to be constantly changing. Here are some of the biggest influencing trends to watch out for.

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One thing we can probably bet on is lots more audio content. What exactly do we mean by that? Well, the growing world of podcasts, of course. Most of us are used to seeing our fave influencers on the small screen as they fill our feeds with all of the photos and videos we need. But now, more and more people are hopping onto the audio influencing trend.

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Take our girl Addison, for example. She started off with those TikTok dances the world came to love, but the starlet's influence is no longer limited to TikTok and the Gram. That's right - Rae is also an audio influencer. The 20-year-old and her mom, Sheri Easterling, host a podcast together called That Was Fun? And Addison's not the only one. YouTuber Lele Pons has also joined Spotify with an audio show, Best Kept Secrets with Lele Pons.

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Audio influencing isn't the only thing we're likely to see more of. With followers demanding more insights into internet celebs' lives and more authenticity, it's possible we'll see an increase in live streaming, too. And we're not talking about just online icons taking to the Gram for a live stream to answer follower questions. We're talking about giving us more peaks into their daily lives, including live shopping where followers can then click to purchase the products being discussed. Amazon Live is already leading the way in this interactive shopping experience.

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The final trend influencers will probably be doing a lot more of, especially now that the world is slowly opening up again? Collaborations, obviously. The TikTok boom already brought collabs like we've never had before. Forget YouTube video stars filming together - we got whole groups of influencers living under the same roof! Connections like this will probably only increase with time, so we got lots to look forward to!