Influencer Reveals the Secret to Her “Perfect” Pics

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| LAST UPDATE 05/05/2022

By Zoe Browning
viral fake influencer photoshoot
@kendall.kiper via Instagram

Full-time content creator Kendall Kiper shared a now-viral video on TikTok revealing the truth behind how she takes some of her most glamourous shots. The 20-year-old influencer has been trending all over the social media platform for finally being "real" and opening up about how not everything on the internet is as it seems. Because, after all, these days it can be all too easy to snap "perfect" pictures and only post the highlight reel of our lives. Sadly, this has led to many young teens and even adults comparing their bodies and their lives to those on social media - when in reality, many of their photos are perfectly orchestrated. Here's what Kiper admitted about her own posts.

Kiper was actually offered a chance to collaborate with a brand, where she would need to post a photo with a product and promote it on her page. The content creator had the idea to snap the pics at the beach - the only problem? The Atlanta, Georgia, native didn't have access to a close body of water, so she used her creative brain and came up with a perfect solution.

@kendallkiper LMAOOOOO slayy home depot!!!! 😍 #instagramvsreality ♬ original sound - KENNY
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Kiper went to Home Depot and purchased 6 bags of sand for $45 and headed on to her backyard to make her own beach. After placing the store-bought sand all over the grass, she placed a towel, a few sunscreens, and beach products around, and viola, she had created a paradise island in the comfort of her own home. And when it came time to take pictures in the water, the influencer blew up a kiddy pool and filled it with water. Taking a pic at the right angle easily fooled her followers into thinking she was actually enjoying a hot day by the ocean when in actuality, it was all fake!

kendall kiper tiktok photoshop
@kendall.kiper via Instagram

After revealing how she did it all on Tiktok, fans went crazy in the comments!  "This is the biggest slay of the year," one person commented, with another adding, "The dedication to the content." It seemed like they loved the effort she made to create amazing content for her viewers, "IM HOLLERING OMG FOR THE CONTENT," said another follower. Looks like influencers are getting loads of love for being honest with their fans - hopefully, more content creators will follow in Kiper's footsteps. Stay tuned.

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