Influencer Reveals 'Sad' Reality to Editing Apps

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| LAST UPDATE 01/28/2022

By Danielle Mejia
influencer editing video TikTok
Instagram via @ariellanyssa

From Kardashian photo editing fails to behind-the-scenes looks at professional photoshoot touch-ups, it seems as though social media can be a minefield when it comes to navigating all the edits and filters. Luckily, honest and body-positive influencers like Ariella Nyssa are doing the work to show the truth behind the filter.

The 25-year-old professional model and influencer has almost 2 million followers between her Instagram and TikTok accounts and has dedicated her platforms to celebrating natural bodies in all shapes and sizes. Back on January 16th, she shared a TikTok that has caught international attention about the dangers of excessive editing. "These apps are crazy and scary," she shared in the caption. "You are beautiful just the way you are queen." In the video, you can see Arielle's untouched body compared to what happens when a body-slimming filter is applied. From accentuated thigh gaps to a slimmer stomach, the filter chips away at aspects of Nyssa's body that are socially deemed as less attractive, all while perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards.

body positive influencer photoshop
Instagram via @ariellanyssa
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The influencer went on to chat with about the shocking wake-up call she had using the editing app. "I actually had no idea it was as easy as going on an app and editing your body like that," she confessed to the publication. "I know people edit their bodies in photos and it's easy, but I had no idea that you could just click a button and it would change your whole body in a video," the body-positivity advocate continued. And to her surprise, the video spread like absolute wildfire. As of publication, the TikTok has been seen close to 2 million times. But unfortunately, some people aren't getting the message. "I don't love myself, so sis what's the name of the app?" one user commented.

@ariellanyssa These apps are crazy and scary 🥲 you are beautiful just the way you are queen #fyp #foryou #foryoupage inspo: @coraliekarczewski ♬ original sound - Tori

Hopefully, with more honest influencers like Ariella, people will feel empowered to celebrate their individual beauty instead of striving to look picture perfect - and we're sending major love Nyssa's way for taking a stand against these beauty standards! Check back soon for more viral news from the world of social media...

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