Influencer Called Out for Promoting Unhealthy Habits

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| LAST UPDATE 02/16/2022

By Danielle Mejia
brittany dawn influencer lawsuit
Instagram via @realbrittanydawn

Brittany Dawn, a Dallas-based fitness influencer is in some serious hot water after a number of customers took their complaints to court. And now, she faces a lawsuit from the State of Texas. From the first sign of trouble to her current reaction to the legal drama, here's the full scoop.

It all started back in 2014, when, according to legal docs obtained by People, Brittany started selling people nutrition and fitness packages ranging from $92 to $300. From one-time consultations to individualized coaching and training, the influencer was promising big things to her clients, who bought the packages in mass quantities. But it didn't take long for the cracks in the business plan to start showing. According to the court documents, customer complaints were "largely ignored," and the nutrition plans led to some dangerous results. Some unhappy customers even claimed they "almost passed out from inadequate nutrition." Customer concerns were seemingly ignored, and at best, they received a partial refund. Flash forward to 2019, Dawn put out a YouTube video with a heartfelt apology to those who felt misled. But that was just the beginning...

fitness influencer drama viral
Instagram via @realbrittanydawn
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In addition to claims of poor customer service, Dawn's influence over her 700 thousand audience on YouTube and Instagram led people suffering from body image issues to be swayed into dangerous territory. "I chose her out of all the coaches out there [because she] advertised herself as an 'ED soldier," one client confessed. However, a number of her nutrition plans prioritised low-carb, low-fat goals rather than healthy and balanced eating - a slippery slop for people suffering from unhealthy eating habits.

But as far as Brittany's concerned, she's denying any claims that she "accepted consumers" with significant mental health concerns. But if proven guilty, she could face fines of up to $1 million. She recently addressed the drama with an Insta story, sharing, "Do you ever just start laughing at Satan's tactics? They are so petty and so obvious to us that they are in the kingdom of God that you can literally just start audibly laughing." Be sure to check back soon as this story continues to develop.

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