This Influencer Wants Us to "Ditch Them Filters"

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| LAST UPDATE 03/10/2022

By Danielle Mejia
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Instagram via @siannisefudge

Meet Siânnise Fudge, a United Kingdom-based influencer and former reality television star from Love Island. And while Siânnise may spend her days creating content for her 1.7 million Instagram fans, that doesn't mean she's lost her way and fallen into the classic traps of social media. And the British beauty had some words to share about the dangers of Instagram editing that were a serious breath of fresh air.

Now, if we're being honest, most of us are guilty of it on the odd occasion. Ever wanted to post a selfie to your story but didn't feel like you looked your best? Well, it may be a harmful setting on Instagram, but it's become a default for so many influencers or models. And over time, it's changed our perception of beauty and realistic expectations. The 27-year-old actress hit the app to share her concerns on this everyday trend. "I've just been going through the filters on Instagram, and they're actually wild," the influencer confessed. "It just changes your whole face, I look nothing like that," she explained while using a filter that gave her fuller lips, lashes, and a shimmering golden glow.

Siânnise Fudge instagram filters
Instagram via @siannisefudge
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"I have literally just realized how damaging and how toxic they actually are. It's actually scary how much they actually change your face," she continued. "I think it's quite sad that they're there because people rely on them." But Siânnise realized she was part of the problem too. "I'm guilty of it, I used to use filters on stories, but I've really tried to avoid them now, just because I don't really look like that, it's so unrealistic. I just think it's really, really scary." But the unapologetic celeb didn't end off her message without some wisdom for her fans. "My advice - lay off the filters guys, they are not good for you. Let's normalize real textured skin."

"Accepting yourself, feeling confident and beautiful in your own skin is so important. Once you do this, you'll be unstoppable," Fudge gushed - and we couldn't agree with her more! Check back soon for more stories from authentic influencers changing the game.

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