Meet the Gen-Z Designer Taking Over Instagram

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| LAST UPDATE 01/03/2022

By Danielle Mejia
instagram viral dress sewer
Instagram via @crescentshay

Meet Shay Rose, a 22-year-old UCLA graduate with the golden touch when it comes to sewing. The Gen Z artist has taken over social media with her amazing designs and creations. In fact, the talented seamstress has climbed up to over 1 million followers and even landed herself a blue checkmark on the 'gram! And after taking a look at some of her final products, we can totally see why. Keep scrolling.

shay rose instagram influencers
Instagram via @crescentshay

From the late Princess Diana's iconic revenge dress to Effie Trinket's butterfly dress from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Shay has left people absolutely speechless with her spot-on recreations. Her ability to reproduce some of pop culture's most unforgettable pieces has left her fans inspired and definitely wanting more. But making replicas isn't the only talent Shay has up her sleeve: the talented designer has also proved her imagination has no limits when it comes to some of her own creations. That's right.

Ever seen a dress crafted from fiber optics? What about a 12-foot social distancing ball gown dress? These are just some of Shay's out-of-this-world brainchildren that she's shared on her Instagram page. Her time-lapse videos show just how much blood, sweat, and tears, go into each dress, which just makes it all the more impressive! From drawing out the sketches to obsessing over every detail for hour after hour, Rose definitely proved herself as a passionate designer thanks to her content on social media. And what's even more impressive is the fact that it seems like she's nowhere close to running out of ideas! As of the time of publishing, we're waiting on part two of a next-level dress that Shay's making out of pennies! That's right, the designer has sewn together $4.15 to make a sequin-looking top (as seen below), and we can't wait to see what comes next.

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Be sure to check out Shay's feed for yourself to see what the buzz is all about. And, of course, don't forget to check back soon for more influencers who are making their mark online!