Emma Chamberlain Is Done Keeping Her Relationship Secret

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| LAST UPDATE 02/24/2023

By Dina Wu
Emma Chamberlain Role Model
@emmachamberlain via Instagram

Hold onto your seats, because Emma Chamberlain and Role Model have just taken their romance public in a major way! After more than a year of dating, the adorable couple confirmed their relationship in a cover shoot for GQ's Valentine's Day issue.

Emma, who has always been known for keeping her personal life private, surprised fans with the big reveal. She even took things one step further by making their romance Instagram official! But why did she decide to go public now after previously stating that she would never do so? During the interview with GQ, Emma explained that while parts of their relationship will always be kept private and sacred, she's over hiding it from fans. "I'm protecting this at all costs and not letting anybody see it," she said of her previous mindset. "But, actually, that's not fun. It's not f--king fun. And what's life about? Having f--king fun, okay? Sh-t should just be f--king fun! Why stop yourself from doing that?" And we couldn't agree more! Life is short and relationships are meant to be celebrated. Especially when they're as cute as Emma and Role Model's! The musician also chimed in during the interview to share his thoughts on their relationship.

Emma Chamberlain Role Model  Dating
@rolemodel via Instagram
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"We have a very just unproblematic, safe, private—when we want to be private—relationship," he said. "We're never going to be posting photos and selfies of us on a beach in Cabo. We just are trying to be professional within our own careers." It seems like these two are really taking things slow and steady while still enjoying each other's company along the way. And honestly, isn't that how all relationships should be?

Fans of both Emma and Role Model can't get enough of this cute couple. They've been shipping them for months now and were thrilled when they finally made things official. It looks like Emma has found herself a real keeper in Tucker Pillsbury (aka Role Model). We can't wait to see what adventures await these two lovebirds in the future!

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