Emily Ratajkowski on the "Evolution" of Her Beliefs

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| LAST UPDATE 10/24/2021

By Joyce Ballard
Emily Ratajkowski book leak
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Emily Ratajkowski's highly-anticipated book My Body will hit the shelves in just a matter of weeks. The supermodel's first publication is a "deeply honest investigation" about what it means to be a woman and a commodity in our society. And it looks like Emily is just the gift that keeps on giving: ahead of the release, she shared some inside scoops on the writing process. Here are all of the details.

Emily Ratajkowski My Body
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The internet exploded in early October when a portion of My Body was leaked, revealing Emily's experience with harassment on the set of the controversial music video Blurred Lines. The 30-year-old didn't stay quiet on the frustrations of having her story about non-consensual behavior leaked without her consent. Ratajkowski vented about feeling out of control following the incident and has taken back the mic ever since.

During a recent Q&A sesh on Instagram, the mom-of-one got real about why she included the experience in her memoir and what it says about the "evolution" of her values. "I had a hard time writing that essay for a bunch of different reasons but ultimately I decided to include it in the book because my experience on the [Blurred Lines] set and how I talked about it says so much about the evolution of my beliefs and politics," Emily wrote to fans

Emily Ratajkowski politics, beliefs
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"Most of my jobs at that point kinda sucked - I was either shooting e-commerce for online stores where I felt like nothing more than a mannequin or I'd be in lingerie while some middle aged male photographers told me to pout," she continued. "BL was different. I was surrounded by women I liked and trusted."

Emily Ratajkowski sexual assault
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Ratajkowski delved a little into the complexities of being on set that day: the contradicting feelings of empowerment mixed with the awful experience. "I had fun on set, being a sexy girl in a music video made me feel hot and cool and powerful. I told the world that the experience was empowering. In many ways it was," she explained. "You'll have to read the essay to fully understand the other sides to my experience."

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Emily Ratajkowski politics evolution
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You can bet we're running - not walking - to purchase our copy and read it all. And by that, we mean a 1-click buy situation online, duh. My Body officially releases on November 9th but is available now for pre-order.