A Look Inside Charli D’Amelio’s TikTok Reign

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| LAST UPDATE 06/22/2022

By Jacqueline Vaughan
Charli D'Amelio, TikTok Followers
@charlidamelio via Instagram

One of the few good things to have come out of the recent pandemic is the rise of TikTok. After two hectic years of the app being the number one social media platform, its main stars have found unprecedented levels of fame as social media influencers. With 142.1M followers, eighteen-year-old Charli D'Amelio currently holds the crown for the most followed TikTok star. With that comes sponsorship deals and work opportunities that any girl her age could only dream of. But how stable is her position on the top?

Shortly after 2020 began, Charli quickly became the first TikToker to reach 100 million followers. To mark the occasion, she celebrated how she knows best - with a TikTok video. "A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED ME REACH 100 MILLION SUPPORTERS!!! AND ANOTHER HUGE THANK YOU TO @tiktokI LOVE EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!" she wrote in the caption. "I can't believe there's 100 million supporters following me right now," she gushed in the clip. "That is insane, oh my goodness. Y'all can't grasp that this is real, I still feel like it's a dream, kind of waiting to wake up. Very insane."

Charli D'Amelio, TikTok Star
@charlidamelio via Instagram
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That was just the beginning of the young dancer's successes, as her followers continued to flood in. For a while, it has seemed like no one would be able to take her spot at the top, but recently someone is coming in at a close second. The hilarious Khabane Lame is rising quickly through the masses and appears to be a serious threat to D'Amelio's thrown. At the time of writing, Charli boasts 142.1M followers while Khabane has 141.8M. Although many would argue that Khabane still has some way to go to catch up, it should be noted that he is adding about 100,000 followers every day!

@khaby.lame Happy “break”day 🥳 🍰 🤣 @Lele Pons @Hannah Stocking do it with your friends and mention us #learnfromkhaby #learnontiktok @tiktok @tiktokcreators ♬ suono originale - Khabane lame

Khabane is a twenty-two-year-old guy from Italy who earned his followers by creating hilarious content just with his facial expressions. Seriously, 141.8 million people cannot get enough of his entertaining non-verbal clips in which he mocks the hilarity of the wide-spreading TikTok 'hacks.' With just a stare or body movement, he has everyone laughing - and it's made him of the fastest rising accounts on the app. Watch this space! The race is on!

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