Charli D'Amelio Opens Up About Her Acne Struggles

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| LAST UPDATE 03/01/2022

By Zoe Browning
charli d'amelio acne tiktok
@charlidamelio via Instagram

Despite being one of the most well-known TikTok stars, Charli D'Amelio remains a grounded, humble teenager. The dancer has never shied away from openly discussing difficult topics such as mental health struggles and dealing with anxiety. She often shares her personal feelings on her family's Hulu show, The D'Amelio Show. Most recently, she shared the struggles she faces as a 17-year old dealing with stardom. Here's what she had to say.

It all started when Twitter user @Kattenbarge shared pictures of the Tiktok dancer without any makeup, praising her for not photoshopping her acne out. To which D'Amelio responded, "it's taken me a long time to feel comfortable in my skin." For nearly more than two years, she has received an enormous public following, so we're sure she's felt pressure to constantly look her best. Today Charli has over 137 million followers, making her the most followed user on the social media platform. "But this is how I ook, and makeup only helps so muchI have to be confident and learn to love every 'imperfection' that I have, but each one makes me unique and special in my own way," she added. What a self-loving queen!

charli d'amelio tiktok acne
Amy Sussman / Staff via Getty Images
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This isn't the first time she has talked about skin impurities. Back in February of 2021, she took to Instagram to reassure her fans that even she doesn't look "perfect" all the time. "Even though you see me all done up most of the time and usually having mostly clear skin, I still have to deal with acne," she assured. "I am a teenager, so whether it is stress or my period, it is completely normal to not have perfect skin, and I wanted to show you that side of things instead of the picture-perfect times only."



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D'Amelio has also never been afraid to share TikTok videos where her skin is free of any makeup or filters. It's refreshing to see the teenage icon, who has so many girls looking up to her, not being afraid to be her authentic self. In a world full of facetune, unrealistic beauty standards, and numerous cosmetic surgery, many feel a ton of pressure to constantly look their greatest. So, we're happy D'Amelio hasn't fallen victim to societal pressures!

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