Beauty Guru Jaclyn Hill Defends Meredith Duxbury's Controversial Makeup Routine

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| LAST UPDATE 07/19/2022

By Zoe Browning
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jaclynhill via Instagram

Jaclyn Hill has been considered one of the most influential beauty gurus since she first shared a makeup tutorial on Youtube back in 2011. So it's clear that many people look up to her and her beauty tips. Recently she spoke to Insider about her opinions on the new-age beauty influencers on Tiktok, and let's just say Jaclyn only had nice things to say. Especially when it came to Meredith Duxbury, a makeup artist who has gone viral on the social media app for using excessive amounts of foundation. Here's what Jaclyn had to say.

"I love that she smothers her face in foundation," Jaclyn said. "People get so upset about it for no reason." But despite the hate comments Meredith continues to stay true to herself and her artwork. Her "doesn't give a s***" attitude" and "straightforward" videos are something that Jaclyn "absolutely loves." And honestly, can we really blame her? Thanks to Meredith's jaw-dropping makeup technique she has received nearly 15.6 million followers and 510.3 million likes! So clearly she's going something right, especially if she's gotten the OG makeup guru's stamp of approval.

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Jaclyn continued praising Meredith. "She doesn't use any fancy background or fancy lighting — it's just her, her technique, and her full-glam talent," she continued. "That clean-girl aesthetic — that's not my vibe and it's not her vibe, and I appreciate that she's sticking to what she loves." Their similar approaches make it seem like these two girls would get along really well, but while they haven't met in real life, they have "chatted back and forth very casually online." And that's not the only influencer that Jaclyn has gotten close with in recent years. She has also formed a friendship with Mikayla Nogueira.

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mikaylajmakeup via Instagram

"We DM each other quite often," Jaclyn said about the Boston-based influencer. "She's a sweetheart and it's funny because she followed me for years and would comment on my pictures, but I didn't know — she was just a normal follower. Now, you can scroll back and see that she was looking up to people in this industry." She continued, "It's like I had my moment and my era, and now I've been on social media for 11 years. "I've got a couple of brands, and I'm a CEO," Jaclyn added. "The wheel is always turning and she is that new generation." Check out both Meredith's Tiktok and Mikayla's for makeup videos!

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