Amelie Zilber Shares Tearful TikTok About Blake Gray Split

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| LAST UPDATE 03/15/2023

By Dina Wu
Amelie Zilber breakup tiktok
Instagram via @ameliezilber

Love can be hard, especially in the public eye. Model, activist and actress Amelie Zilber recently shared an emotional TikTok video to her 7 million followers detailing her heartbreaking breakup with influencer Blake Gray. In the heartfelt clip, she expressed love for him and asked fans to be understanding of them. Here's what you might have missed.

The 21-year-old took to social media to address the issue, telling her followers, "Sometimes when you know you don't have plans later on in the day, it's just nicer to, you know, be ready for bed," she began on a seemingly mundane note before finally coming out with it - the elephant in the room. What came next was a tearful explanation as to why they had drifted apart; "It just happens that when you start dating someone, and you're young, and you're together for a few years, you just grow up a little. And you become different people," she said.

Amelie Zilber Blake Gray Breakup
Instagram via @ameliezilber
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Begging her fans to remain kind and understanding of their situation while also asking that they would not receive any hate, Zilber made an emotional plea before concluding her skincare routine; "Please just be nice to us. I'm gonna be a mess, but time heals all". The pair had been together since 2020, and both posted similar statements on their respective Instagram Stories expressing gratitude for each other's love and support as well as emphasizing that no one was at fault. Zilber has been using her platform mainly to advocate progressive causes while also incorporating beauty looks into her content showcasing her fashion sense. She believes "one person doesn't singularly need to own one niche"; women can engage in multiple things such as fashion, culture, or being intellectual simultaneously.


Might not be myself rn, but I’m excited to take you along this new journey with me❤️

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As a Georgetown graduate, Zilber quickly gained millions of followers thanks to her unique content blending beauty and fashion sense with activism for progressive causes - something she told E! News recently is “proof that women can be both - engaged in fashion and culture and simultaneously be intellectual and curious and passionate about the world” Her inspiring message continues to reach millions of hearts around the world despite her break up with Gray.

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