Alix Earle Addresses Rumors Saying She Got a Nose Job

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| LAST UPDATE 08/28/2023

By Dayna Hanson
Alix Earle Nose Job
@alix_earle via Instagram

Rumors have been swirling that TikTok queen Alix Earle has gotten a nose job. Earle has recently gone online and addressed the rumors head-on. Here's what she said.

Earle, who has made a name for herself with her authentic videos, is not letting these rumors slide by. She was even surprised by the way that she looked. We’re being serious! She started off one of her TikTok videos by saying, “I genuinely think that I got a nose job in my sleep.” She displayed a video of herself when she was younger to highlight the difference between how she looked before and how her nose looks now. She continued saying, “Look at my nose.” Fans of the TikTok star aren’t the only ones who have noticed the difference in Earle’s nose. She also said in the video, “Granted, I didn’t know how to use contour at the time, but it’s crazy how much your nose grows into your face. I’ve literally had boyfriends before, and I’ve shown them young photos of me going through puberty, and they’re like, ‘I literally don’t believe.’ They even ask my parents, ‘Did she have a nose job?’”

Alix Earle TikTok Influencer
@alix_earle via Instagram
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The University of Miami graduate wrote in the caption, “Theres more photos I have to dig up for u guys.” So, now we just have to wait and see what other photos Earle is going to dig up for us, and maybe we’ll get closer to solving this mystery. Although Earle denies getting a nose job, she isn’t new to plastic surgery. In fact, she is really open about her experience getting a boob job. She celebrated her first “boobaversary,” which was the one-year mark for her receiving breast implants. Earle threw a themed party with cupcakes and Champagne for her friends. She also recently got lip filler. A few of her followers played detective and asked her about her status with Accutane. They had also noticed their noses getting smaller after using the acne-fighting medication. OMG, right? Earle is not alone in this mystery, and her followers may have solved it for her.


Theres more photos i have to dig up for u guys

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We stan the TikTok queen Alix Earle. Keep coming back to stay updated on what she’s up to.

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