Alix Earle and Alex Cooper Will Be 'Unwell' in New Content Collab

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| LAST UPDATE 08/16/2023

By Dayna Hanson
Alix Earle Unwell Network
@alix_earle via Instagram

TikTok's It Girl Alix Earle and Call Her Daddy podcast host Alex Cooper are teaming up for what we're calling the collab of the decade. Here are all the details about the two influencers' venture together.

Cooper is launching a content platform, which is being called The Unwell Network, and she's not doing it alone. Along with the announcement of the company, Cooper revealed who will be her first partners at the Unwell Network. We think you'll recognize the names - TikTok darling Alix Earle and UK influencer Madeline Argy! Both girls have a combined 14.5 million followers across social media (we know, our jaws dropped, too). So what exactly do these ladies have in mind? Well, Unwell Network is a brand-new platform created with Gen-Z in mind and will host content about pop culture, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Cooper told E! News, "I am beyond excited to finally launch the Unwell Network, a community for the unwell. The Unwell Network will be releasing brands and content that will give a voice to the unwell. In the coming weeks, we'll continue to roll out announcements so you can see exactly what we mean by that." Consider us intrigued...

Alex Cooper Unwell Network
@alexandracooper via Instagram
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The choices for Cooper's new partners seemed obvious. The Call Her Daddy podcast said, "Alix became America's new online 'it girl' through realness that women of all ages could relate to. From middle schoolers running to purchase her makeup tips turned trends, to college girls clinging onto her weekend dating and partying updates, to boomers loving 'the glory days' nostalgia of it all." And what about Argy? Cooper told E! News, "Madeline's TikToks are so captivating that before you know it, you're 25 minutes late to dinner." She continued, "Her effortless authenticity comes across on every platform and it's no wonder her content goes insanely viral in the UK and beyond." Earle and Argy announced the new partnership with a post on their respective social media accounts. Who else can't wait for the Unwell Network to start releasing content?!

@unwellnetwork The duo we all needed. Welcome @alix earle #unwell #unwellnetwork #madelineargy #callherdaddy #alixearle #alexcooper ♬ original sound - Unwell clips

The Unwell Network is set to start launching shows in September. They have already begun to share their merch lineup on social media. Stay tuned for more "unwell" updates.

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