Alix Earle Addresses Cheating Rumors in Revealing Podcast

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| LAST UPDATE 09/22/2023

By Dayna Hanson
Alix Earle Cheating Rumors
@alix_earle via Instagram

Alix Earle is giving fans her side of the story surrounding her relationship with NFL player Braxton Berrios and the rumors surrounding a cheating scandal...

Where else to talk about this than Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast? Earle appeared in the premiere episode of the podcast’s fourth season. As she always does, Cooper went straight for it and asked her guest, “This past summer, you were getting scrutinized on the internet. People were calling you a mistress, some people were calling you a homewrecker, in regards to the NFL player you were hooking up with. Can you confirm: Were you hooking up with him when he was in a relationship?” To back things up a bit, Berrios was previously linked with social media personality Sophia Culpo. The couple ended their two-year relationship back in March.

Call Her Daddy Podcast
Call Her Daddy via YouTube
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Earle replied, “It is so triggering to even hear you say that. No. They were not together.” She clarified things quickly and discussed how hard it was to read the comments being written about her. She admitted to Cooper that she would bawl her eyes out to her friends as she read what people were saying. Earle knows firsthand how infidelity can ruin lives. Her father had an affair with his now-wife Ashley Dupré when she was growing up. Opening up about this experience on the podcast, Earle revealed, “I spent my childhood thinking this is basically the worst thing you could do to another human. So why the f*** would I do that?” So, how did these rumors even get started? According to Earle, Berrios’ ex-girlfriend began posting things online, hinting at cheating within their relationship, and everyone put the blame on the University of Miami grad. Talk about a major scandal.

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Earle also revealed that she and Berrios were never exclusive. She told Cooper, “It’s been weird starting to talk to somebody while kind of having a following, I guess, just because people would see us out together so naturally they’re like, ‘Oh they’re dating.’” Earle says that she’s single… For now!  

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