Is the Age of Influencers Coming to an End?

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| LAST UPDATE 05/01/2022

By Danielle Mejia
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At this point, it's hard to imagine apps like Instagram and TikTok without influencers. From outfit inspo to viral trends, some of the biggest names on these apps have found fame and fortune from the masses. But could it all be coming to an end?

It's hard to deny that influencers bring some serious entertainment to social media. They attend some of the glitziest events, jet off on tropical vacations, and live the life of the glamorous - and let us see every step along the way. And while there's no shortage of influencers out there, some of their most loyal fans are starting to lose interest in their content and even mute/unfollow them. But why? Well, according to Habiba Katsha's piece in Huffington Post, the pandemic has really changed our perception of these A-lister influencers. Habiba explained that as the mental and financial strains of the pandemic ramped up, she turned to her phone for a place to tune out. "It was difficult, and I wanted social media to be a form of escapism," she wrote. But the content from her favorite creators just wasn't doing the trick.

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"The content I'd once found aspirational began to feel out of touch," she continued. "Seeing people the same age as me buying things I couldn't afford didn't... make me want to work harder - it made me feel like I was doing something wrong." Not only that, but there was a huge wave of frustration when it seemed like every other influencer was ignoring local lockdown restrictions and traveling abroad. While people were trying to make do with reduced paychecks, these Instagram stars were moving towards a world of luxury - and it started to get on many people's nerves. "More influencers than ever seem to be publishing elevated content, from showcasing their designer clothes and bags to eating out at expensive restaurants and generally living a life of luxury," Katsha explained.

One thing's for certain, it seems something's got to change in the world of influencing - or else people like Habiba and many others will turn their backs on social media stars. But only time will tell...

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