Addison Rae Gets Real in New Reality Series

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| LAST UPDATE 03/15/2022

By Danielle Mejia
addison rae reality series
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It's Addison Rae like we've never seen her before. Let's face it, for the past couple of years now, the TikTok star has been living her best Los Angeles life. From chart-topping tracks to movie deals, it's hard to even remember what Rae was like before the fame. And that's just the reason behind her latest project, Addison Rae Goes Home.

The show follows the TikTok star as she travels back to her hometown in Louisiana after a rollercoaster couple of years in Hollywood. From reunions with childhood friends to emotional realizations about life in the public eye, the trip gives Rae the breath of fresh air she'd been craving. But has her time in L.A. done more harm than good? "I've changed, it's true," the 21-year-old confessed. "I think change is necessary for growing up, and I'm not even the person I was six months ago because I'm growing so much and learning so much." And while Hollywood has become her new stomping ground, it's clear that Lafayette holds a special place in her heart. After all, "home is where the heart is," as they say!

addison rae reality series
Instagram via @addisonraee
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"Sure, you can order any type of seafood you want in L.A., but when it's caught and cooked by family, nothing tastes more comforting, and nothing makes me feel safer than being around the people I love," the Obsessed singer gushed while chowing down on crawfish. "I really hope this trip back home will help me figure out a way to show people more of who I am." And she also used the show as a chance to air out her public breakup with Bryce Hall away from the paparazzi. "Throughout that time it was really hard to keep it together," she admitted. "I think everything in my life I try and do with the best intentions, and people like to think that I have bad intentions, or I'm trying to be evil, or hurtful, and that's really not me."


I’m sooo excited for y’all to finally see my family & I return to our hometown of Lafayette, LA! Addison Rae Goes Home premieres 3/12 only on Snapchat 🥺💗✨

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You can catch full episodes of the show on Snapchat and on Youtube. And be sure to check back soon for more from your fave influencers!

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