Addison Rae Responds After Drake Photoshops Her Online

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| LAST UPDATE 06/03/2022

By Jacqueline Vaughan
Addison rae drake instagram
Jamie McCarthy / Staff via Getty Images

If you've heard mumblings of something about a hand, Drake, and Addison Rae and have no clue what's going on, do not worry; we've got you covered. We're breaking down one of the more bizarre situations currently occurring on the internet - and it's as weird and confusing as you would imagine...

It all started on Tuesday when the multi-platinum recording artist uploaded a group of photos to his Instagram page. With the caption "I can't make plans with you. I don't even know when I'm gonna see sleep," he posted snaps with celebrities like Tristan Thompson and some mirror selfies. However, it was the last photo in this series that had everyone talking. He's seen with his tongue out and a hand on his forehead, slightly covering his face. It's clear, however, that it is not his hand but a woman's. With the visible nail art and women's watch on the wrist, people quickly realized it was Addison Rae's hand, photoshopped in from a photo she had posted last year. So many questions and yet so few answers. Until now...

Drake, Addison Rae, Instagram
@champagnepapi via Instagram
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Although by now, we were all confident that this was indeed Addison Rae's hand photoshopped into Drake's viral Instagram post, the TikTok influencer and actress took to Twitter to confirm the speculation publicly. With the caption "This was way too familiar," she uploaded a side-by-side of Drake's image against her own original post. While she is seemingly making light of the incident here, she and Drake have yet to officially comment on the intent behind it. The mystery of the photoshopped hand continues...

Funnily enough, this isn't the first time Drake has confused followers with cryptic and confusing Instagram posts. In April, the rapper posted a carousel of photos and again used his last image to throw off his fans. Alongside multiple pictures of his son, Adonis, he included a throwback photo of himself and Taylor Swift. While the internet went crazy trying to figure out its meaning, we have had no further clarification since. What are you up to, Drake?

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