Addison Rae Brings 90s Vibes Back To Life

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| LAST UPDATE 04/13/2023

By Lesley Gary
Addison Rae 90s fashion
Instagram via @addisonraee

Addison Rae has been slaying it on our screens since she took over social media in 2020. Since then, she has inspired a whole new generation of hip-hop dance moves, movie characters, and iconic fashion moments. She's definitely one to bring it on when it comes to her outfits, and her most recent look has hit us with major nostalgia.

Addison has definitely shown her followers her array of fashion aesthetics, and she's a girl that can do it all. From all things glamor walking through on the Met Gala carpet to slaying in casual wear, we can only imagine what her wardrobe looks like. It's probably categorized by era, and we want a look inside! However, until then, we can only be shown what we are given via her socials. The He's All That star has adorned her IG and TikTok feed with showstopping outfits, which are mostly encouraged by her location at that time. Let's not forget about the time Rae touched down in Japan and completed her aesthetic with a skin-tight lime green maxi gown, matching with matcha! Simply gorgeous. She's also commonly famous for her vibrant choice of colors and has even embraced her #BO$$ side after rocking the carpet in a red Theirry Mugler skirt suit - sleek and sophisticated. But, let's be real, Rae is never one to shy away from her wild side.

Addison Rae Japan Fashion
Instagram via @addisonraee
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Though, this isn't the first time she has embraced a complete Y2K look... let's not forget about the beaded and bedazzled mini skirt she showed off with a fun post and even more fun beach waves! However, we're all buzzing about her most recent inspired aesthetic. We could never say no to a pair of giant hoops and a cute halter top, and neither can Addison! Not to mention, she paired her look with a sleek ponytail and low-rise denim jeans. Her Instagram dump was definitely giving us some 90s nostalgia vibes as she also posted pics with friends in oversized jerseys, more bejeweled accessories, and some bowling alley fun. Those were the good old days, and thankfully, Miss Rae is giving us the perfect reminder of how to have some old-fashioned fun. She captioned, "Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing." Yep, she's winning all right.

While Rae continues to welcome us into her glamorous yet fun lifestyle, she is also busy filming the horror movie Thanksgiving, working alongside Eli Roth, Milo Manheim, Patrick Dempsey, and others. The rising TikTok star is taking off more so than ever before - as if that was even possible! But, we're definitely here for it. Stay tuned!

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