Addison Rae Flaunts Her "Imperfections" in Viral Clip

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| LAST UPDATE 03/20/2022

By Zoe Browning
addison rae skincare tiktok
Gareth Cattermole/BFC / Contributor via Getty Images

Many young teens look up to the infamous TikTok star, Addison Rae. From following her dance moves to buying her makeup line, Item Beauty, the social media influencer inspires millions. And now, the 21-year-old has empowered her fans even more by sharing a bare skin video on her TikTik page. Here's why people are loving it.

Addison posted a video of herself getting ready for the day, where she was getting her makeup done by makeup artist, Kali Kennedy. But before getting her full glam on, she filmed her bare skin, revealing her natural textured skin. Typically social media influencers try and post the best aspects of their life -- meaning they don't show their acne. So it was refreshing to see this creator not shy away or hide any of her imperfections. Because after all, we all have them! "He called me ugly on the inside and the outside... I'm sorry, but he's just wrong about the outside part," Addison lip-synced the popular TikTok sound. Yes, queen! But we weren't the only ones who loved to see it - by now the clip has over 43.6 million views and 5.5 million likes.

 addison rae acne breakouts
@addisonraee via Instagram
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Many shared how they felt about the video, with one user writing, "thank you so much for being real & showing your real skin." And another commented, "Having the worst breakouts right now made me feel better." Those who have struggled with acne may understand that it can be hard to feel comfortable showing it off. Addison truly is a role model for her 87.1 million followers.

@addisonre @kennedy5ever ♬ som original - lau :)

This isn't the first time the social media star has opened up about her breakouts. "Unfortunately, my skin has treated me differently during the past two years than usual. I used to always have clear skin and didn’t do much to maintain it," she explained to Byrdie, "But since moving to L.A. and getting a little older, my skin has changed so much. I get cystic acne and breakouts when it’s close to that time of the month for me, and now I have to do a lot more." Yet still, Addison never let the immense amount of fame and success she received stop her from showing her natural beauty off on her TikTok.

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