Acacia Brinley Reveals Newly Single Status After 4 Years of Marriage

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| LAST UPDATE 01/04/2023

By Rylee Wise
Acacia Brinley Jairus Kersey Separation
Instagram via @acaciakersey

Influencer Acacia Brinley has just announced she and her husband, Jairus Kersey, have separated after four years of marriage. The YouTube star took to Instagram to confirm the news, writing, "Yes, I'm single." Dedicated fans of the influencer couple are wondering what exactly happened to cause the split. Let's take a look!

The couple's relationship started all the way back in 2015 before tying the knot in 2018, and we've been following their journey through Brinley's YouTube channel for years. Kersey and Brinley share three children, 5-year-old daughter Brinley, 4-year-old daughter Rosemary, and 2-year-old son Cali. However, the momma of three just shared with 1.8 million followers on Instagram that she is single and ready to mingle.

Acacia Brinley Jairus Kersey Divorce
YouTube via acaciacutie
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Before officially announcing the break-up news, she told her followers she has been trying to figure out how to "appropriately talk about" what's going on in her life while respecting someone who "is a big part of my life," but that she and her kids are OK. She took to her Instagram to share a series of black and white photos of herself along with the breaking news. "Yes, I'm single. I have been single for a bit," she wrote." Addressing her children, she let her fans know, "Yes, I have all my kiddos." However, it doesn't sound like she's in the mood to chat about it all too much, writing, "No, I do not have a story time. And yes, I don't know what else to say." Following her post, Acacia posted a series of text screenshots between her and a friend sharing the news. In the screenshots, we see the influencer referring to Yung Gravy, to which she later tagged him in her original post writing, "*Oh and* @yunggravy hit me up."

In October of 2021, the influencer took a break from all her social media accounts, explaining to her fans that it had become too toxic for her and therefore ruined some of her relationships. However, after some time off, Brinley returned to her old antics sharing with her TikTok followers that while she was away, she's experienced "lots of joy" and "lots of loss" but is just "happy to be here." Although the influencer hasn't shared any updates on what exactly happened, we will closely follow the break-up situation for any and all updates.

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