Woman Puts Tinder Match on Blast After Being Told to Dress 'Pretty' For a Date

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| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Jessica Lopez
Tinder Date Goth Witch
Instagram via @mevanhoy

When Megan Elizabeth opened her phone to a Tinder message from Trevor, a guy she was about to meet for the first time, she was shocked by his forwardness. Not only did he ask her out to the local Panera, but he even told her how to dress. His request? For her to look "pretty." 

Megan Elizabeth Tinder Panera
Instagram via @mevanhoy

Megan was having none of it and decided to have some fun on this date. "Please look pretty and don't show up looking like a goth witch or something. I don't like that," the Tinder match said before the pair met up for bagels. So, what did Megan do?


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She found her darkest eyeshadow, black eyeliner for lipstick, and got all dolled up for the exchange. Sporting a new look, featuring a gothy-witch, the exact kind of gal her date said he didn't like or want. With shadow up to her brows and confidence flowing through her veins, she headed to Panera.  

As it turned out, Megan had a pretty amazing time getting ready for the meet-up and had a witchy solo-photo shoot. With her bright red hair, the high contrast of the dark makeup looked bomb. But, possibly even better than her fun time getting ready were the events that happened next.  

Megan Tinder Goth Witch
Instagram via @mevanhoy

She showed up at the Panera and received a message from Trevor: "I asked for one thing...for you to look pretty and not dress like that. I'm not coming in and being in public with you like that so embarrassing." The guy figured he could control a stranger! What an unfortunate first impression... 

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So, our queen Megan got herself an Asiago bagel and drank water out of a wine glass (that she brought from home) while reading her fav book of the moment: You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. Many of Meg's TikTok fans obsessed over her exuding confidence and choice of cup, as it read, "My horoscope said this would happen."  


Reply to @tinder Yes I brought my own wine glass to Panera that says “my horoscope said this would happen” 😂😂##tinder ##goth ##rude ##ditched ##fy

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After enjoying her date-for-one, she headed home to update the social media world. Panera even reached out to Megan and offered her a gift card and compliments on her "iconic" look. All in all, the gal soon gained wide recognition for being so confident. This is the energy we live for! You go, girl!