More Young People Are Trying out Van Life in 2021 Than Ever Before Thanks to COVID-19

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| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Jessica Lopez
Van Life Pandemic Trends
Instagram via @our_venturing_van

As the recent global pandemic left many people at a loss for words when it came to finances, filling downtime, and staying mentally strong in a world where going outside could get us in trouble, more people than ever decided to seek refuge on the road. No, not just a day trip, but by selling everything to live life on the go.

Young People Van Life
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The nomadic lifestyle might not be for everyone, but in 2021, record-high numbers of people are giving it a shot. From selling their material items to refurbishing vans and busses, many people worldwide are cutting down costs in the long run and are exploring the country all at the same time.

With remote work skyrocketing, people have learned that wherever there's wifi connection can be their next office. So, for many, with a router and a van, the opportunities are endless! While life on the go has been an idea around for years, the pandemic was like a flame lit beneath wanderlusters feet.

Van Life Couple Experience
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"Everybody's trying to get their hands on a van," said Stefanie Doemel, manager of upfit solutions for vans at Mercedes-Benz USA. The situation was simply explained: "People want to travel, they still want to go out and do things and the current pandemic situation has changed the way we're able to do that."

In fact, Abby Erler, who currently lives and works from her van, said: "You feel more relieved from some of the mental stress that others are going through by being trapped in one place. We have wheels so we can change up our scenery, and after the workday, I can go refresh in nature." We don't know about you, but we think this sounds great!

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Michael Burlotos is another van-liver with a great story. His begins just after he found a new job that placed him in Washington D.C. But, when the pandemic hit, the 25-year-old decided to take working from home to an adventurous level. So, as explained in the Philidelphia Inquirer, he hit the road in a remodeled school bus.

In no time, Michael and his dog joined the masses of people who hit the road amidst the pandemic. And so far, he's been able to work full time and travel to more than 30 states, including Alaska! As for Burlotos' advice, which is written on the side of his van, "Chase what makes you feel alive."