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Salesman Discovers Stray Dog at Car Dealership, What Happened Next Surprised Everyone

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For several days, a mysterious dog had been sitting outside a Hyundai dealership. After much debate, the manager decided to let the animal in. He could never have predicted what would happen next...

An Unexpected Visit

It started out like any other day at the Hyundai car dealership in Brazil. The salesman on shift was expecting the day to continue how it always did. He had no idea what the day had in store for him.

Stray Dog, Car DealershipStray Dog, Car Dealership
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Emerson Mariano was the manager on duty on this momentous day. As he sipped his morning coffee, he noticed through the dealership's glass doors that a dog was sitting outside the building. He did not know who it belonged to or why the dog had decided to sit there, but for now, he wasn't particularly interested in the answers.

A Common Sighting

While this may sound like a strange incident, it was actually a usual situation for the dealership. Brazil is home to a large number of stray dogs, so it was not uncommon for them to frequently come up to the doors of random buildings hoping to receive food or attention.

Community Pets, Dog RescueCommunity Pets, Dog Rescue
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The citizens are so used to the stray dogs around that they lovingly refer to them as "community pets." Many locals have spent time and money attempting to help these animals who are without food or shelter. The dealership manager himself has also contributed to this rescue effort over the years.

A Tough Decision

While it may seem like Mariano was a little heartless for ignoring the dog at his door, which clearly was looking for help, this hadn't been an easy decision for him to come to. In the past, he had decided to take in and care for two other abandoned dogs - but he wasn't sure if he could do it again.

Stray Dog, Viral RescueStray Dog, Viral Rescue
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With the two other canines under his care, his general household bills were adding up fast. Adding another dog into the mix would only increase the financial strain. In a dream world, he would look after all 30 million stray dogs in Brazil - but he just didn't have the means.

Not Giving Up

Through his experience with strays, Mariano understood that if he gave the dog food, he would likely return to the dealership for more. So, as hard as it was for him to do, he decided to ignore the pup and wait for him to give up. However, this dog was unwilling to budge, persistently sticking around the Hyundai dealership.

Brazil Dog, Car DealershipBrazil Dog, Car Dealership
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The manager tried his best to ignore the dog and continue on with his daily tasks. But every morning as he walked towards the building, he saw that the dog was still there, unusually attached to this dealership. Noticing the canine's sadness in his eyes, he knew it was a matter of time until he gave in.

Opening His Doors

Mariano wanted to give the dog food, but he was concerned about what would be the result if he were to allow the pup inside. Stray dogs were known to be unpredictable. He could be an aggressive and loud dog who could scare away customers. For obvious reasons, they could not risk people being scared to enter the dealership.

Viral Dog, Car, DealershipViral Dog, Car, Dealership
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So yet again, the manager tried his best to rid of the dog, shooing it away. But when he saw that this animal was more persistent than most, he decided to give in and help him out. At this point, he couldn't continue ignoring the dog's sad eyes. He clearly needed desperate help.

A Temporary Arrangement

It was never meant to be a permanent arrangement. Mariano planned to take the dog in just for a few days to get him back on his feet. Then he would try to find somewhere else for the dog to go. There was no way the Hyundai dealership manager could have known what this small act of kindness would lead to...

Inspiring Story, Dog DealershipInspiring Story, Dog Dealership
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Before anything else, Mariano realized that the dog probably needed some extra warmth, so he went out to his car in the dealership carpark to look for a blanket. He was relieved to find one in his trunk and lay it out for the pup - a smooth start to a very long journey ahead.

Fitting In

This had all happened in the early hours of the morning before the dealership had even opened for the day. So, as the workers arrived one by one to start their shift, they were surprised to meet the new furry member of the team! But the dog still remained nameless.

Dog Dealership, Animal RescueDog Dealership, Animal Rescue
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So far, so good. Everyone was getting on well with the dog, and he had remained calm and collected throughout all the meet and greets. The real test, however, was still to come. As a customer approached the dealership with their own dog, the team anxiously awaited the stray's reaction.

Fast Friends

Seconds later, the team breathed a sigh of relief. The dogs instantly became friends, wagging their tails and walking around the dealership together. Mariano couldn't help but laugh at their initial fears. This dog seemed to get on well with everyone he met.

Stray Dog, Viral StoryStray Dog, Viral Story
@tucson_prime via Instagram

After the customer asked the manager who the other dog belonged to, Mariano explained that they didn't know much about this stray dog, other than that it had been sitting outside the dealership for a while, and they had decided to take it in. Staring at the stray dog now more intensely, the customer began shaking his head.

An Emotional Exchange

No one knew what to think. The salespeople were incredibly confused as to why this customer was looking at the stray dog in this way. Before they had a chance to question the man and understand his connection with the canine, they noticed a tear rolling down the stranger's cheek.

Hyundai Car Dealership, DogHyundai Car Dealership, Dog
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Mariano was not expecting this reaction from the man. He was shocked as to why this man was so emotional about this stray dog. Could it be that the man knew the dog from before? Attempting to calm the man down, he asked him if everything was okay, prompting the stranger to apologize. What was Mariano meant to do now?

Waiting for Answers

Throughout his many years working at the dealership, Mariano had encountered all sorts of issues and believed he had a good hand in dealing with them. This one truly trumped him, though. He had no idea how best to deal with the emotional customer. He took a glass of water over to the man, hoping it would help him calm down.

True Story, Animal ReunionTrue Story, Animal Reunion
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A few minutes later, the salespeople were relieved to see the customer wiping away his tears. He was now in a calmer state of mind to be able to tell the Hyundai team his story. He began by explaining that he had been dealing with some personal issues, and this stray dog had pushed his emotions over the edge.

A Heartbreaking Tale

The stranger continued to tell his unbelievable story as Mariano and his team listened intensely. The customer's mother had passed away just a few weeks before, and the man had been struggling since. He was dealing not only with the overwhelming sense of grief but also with the legalities of his mother's estate.

Dog Dealership, Inspiring RescueDog Dealership, Inspiring Rescue
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He was tasked with packing up all of his mother's home and general belongings into boxes and deciding where they should go. Fighting back his tears as he did so, he realized he could not keep all of her stuff for himself. He made the decision to give some of it to charity.

Asking for a Sign

With his mother now no longer, the only physical connection to her he had left was her car. This was the vehicle he had driven in on his way to the Hyundai dealership that morning. He told Mariano that while he sat at the light waiting for it to turn green, he begged the universe to give him a sign.

Dog Reunion, True StoryDog Reunion, True Story
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He was feeling so low at this point; he just didn't know where to go from there. Talking to the universe felt like the only way out. Driving around aimlessly, he had no real plan for the day and found himself turning into the Hyundai dealership carpark for reasons unknown to him. Little did he know what he would find there.

The Universe Delivers

The customer told the team that his mother, Rose, had owned a dog that looked almost exactly like this stray. He couldn't believe that the universe had answered his request and led him to a dog that reminded him so much of his mother's pet. But there was more to this story.

Dog Rescue, Inspiring ReunionDog Rescue, Inspiring Reunion
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Mariano was shocked to hear from the man that after Rose lost her husband, she made the decision to take in a stray animal as a pet. As Rose and the dog became close friends, she could not have known how mutually beneficial this friendship would come to be.

The Backstory

When Rose visited the shelter to find her new furry friend, she chose the dog she wanted to adopt and asked to hear his backstory. They told the newly widowed woman that they were not certain of his origin story, but whatever it was, it had led to him now being mute.

Brazil Dog, Car DealershipBrazil Dog, Car Dealership
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Unsure if this would put the potential dog owner off, they were pleased to see Rose had reacted the opposite way. She was happy to hear the dog wouldn't be making too much noise, especially as she didn't want to disturb her new neighbors. On the surface, it seemed like a heartwarming story of human-animal friendship at its best.

Tragedy Ahead

The evening after the adoption, Rose began to feel a migraine coming on. Knowing that only an early night would help fix it, she began to organize herself for bed. Just before she called it a night, she checked on her pet dog and headed to her room. Her overwhelming tiredness had caused her to miss an important sign.

Tragic Story, Animal RescueTragic Story, Animal Rescue
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The dog had sensed something was wrong, and he was restless and unable to sleep as a result. Sadly, because Rose was in such a deep REM sleep, she did not see his anxious behavior. The next morning, Rose would learn just how accurately intuitive her canine had been.

Engulfed In Flames

Overnight, Rose's apartment complex had caught fire and blew up in flames shortly after. Within a short space of time, the entire building had burned down completely. Rose was unaware that the dog she had taken in would soon prove to be an applaudable hero.

Dog Rescue, House FireDog Rescue, House Fire
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As soon as he became aware of the imminent danger, the canine sprinted to Rose's bed and tried to wake her from her deep sleep. Thankfully, his movements successfully stirred her, and the duo made a run for their lives. If Rose hadn't adopted this pup earlier that day, the ending to this story might have been different.

Rose & Her Dog

For eight years following the incident, Rose and her dog were the best of friends. They were inseparable, and she loved the canine with all her heart. The fire which had taken place on their first night living together had cemented a life-long bond between them. When the dog passed away, Rose was left devastated and alone.

Animal Rescue Fire, InspiringAnimal Rescue Fire, Inspiring
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By this point in the customer's story, there was not a dry eye left in the dealership. The salespeople shortly learned that they had not yet heard the most shocking part of the story: when this customer had first seen the stray dog that morning, he couldn't help but notice the vehicle right by him.

More Signs

Just alongside the canine was a Tucson Prime Hyundai. Believe it or not, Rose's dog had been named Tucson, so of course, the combination of the similar-looking dog and the car model caused the customer to get emotional. It was all too many coincidences in one place at one time.

Brazil Dog Dealership TucsonBrazil Dog Dealership Tucson
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As he told this unlikely story, the customer was well aware that Mariano and the rest of the sales team might think he sounded a little crazy. In an attempt to prove otherwise, he requested that the manager accompany him to his car just outside the dealership doors. Then, they lifted the trunk...

What Now?

Mariano watched as the man rummaged through a load of boxes that were clearly filled with his mum's belongings. Unsure what the man was about to show him, he waited patiently. Then the customer pulled out a blue dog collar with the name "Tucson" engraved on it. What were the chances!

Dog Dealership, Heartwarming, StoryDog Dealership, Heartwarming, Story
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Still startled by this discovery, Marian0 and the customer headed back into the dealership to decide what should be done next. It was almost assumed at this point that the customer would be taking the dog home to care for it. However, the man explained that with three other rescue dogs at home, this wouldn't be possible.

More Decisions

Something obviously had to be done to protect this dog, but no one was sure what that should be. Mariano had been so touched by the story he felt an extra-strong sense of duty towards this stray dog. It all seemed like destiny that the dog and the customer had crossed paths in the dealership that day.

Viral Dog, Car DealershipViral Dog, Car Dealership
@tucson_prime via Instagram

With their homes both full, it was concluded that neither of them could effectively take care of the canine. That being said, the Hyundai manager realized that there was a place with plenty of extra room for a dog. He suddenly had a clever idea and began trying to make it happen.

The Big Idea

The Hyundai dealership had long claimed to be pet-friendly. There was even a sign on the glass doors that said so! So, how better to put this to the test than turning the dealership into a home for a stray dog? Mariano wanted the animal to live in the building. Could he make it happen?

Dog, Car, Dealership, IdeaDog, Car, Dealership, Idea
@tucson_prime via Instagram

If he had the ultimate control, the dog would have been moved in within the hour. Unfortunately, however, his powers as branch manager only went so far. For a decision like this, he would need to seek the approval of the higher-level associates. So, he ran to his office, opened his computer, and began to submit a formal request.

Awaiting A Response

He had politely asked his seniors for permission to let the stray dog into the dealership permanently. As he waited for a response to come through, he could feel his body tense up with anxiety. Finally, his computer pinged to alert him a new message was waiting for him. Nervously he opened it and could not believe his eyes.

Dog Car, Viral ReunionDog Car, Viral Reunion
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The responding email had been written personally by the senior managers, and they had responded more positively than he could have ever hoped for. Mariano was so excited his idea had been approved. If he hadn't received the permission, he would have had to continue brainstorming a solution.

Making Moves

The email's overall message was that Mariano had permission to make a forever home for the dog within the dealership's doors. Not only that, he was told he could purchase all the necessary equipment to make it happen - including a bed, bowl, food, and toys. They even sent over a check to cover the costs.

Car Dealership, Stray DogCar Dealership, Stray Dog
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The team worked together to build a playpen for the dog. At this point, he was practically a member of the Hyundai family, and there was a mutual love between them and the dog. As the days went on, the new pet followed his owners around wherever they went. They lovingly referred to him as their 'junior assistant.'

Home Sweet Home

Step by step, Tucson's home in the dealership was coming together. The managers at the Hyundai headquarters even gave permission for a camera to be set up inside the dealership so the workers could check up on him when they were off-shift. Everyone was pulling their weight to keep Tucson happy and healthy.

Brazil Car Dealership, DogBrazil Car Dealership, Dog
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Despite all the progress that had been made, one critical matter had still not been addressed. The Hyundai pet had still not been given a name. As a member of the family, he couldn't go on much longer as an anonymous pup. A casual meeting was held, and within minutes it was clear what his name should be.

Becoming "Tucson Prime"

All the workers at the Hyundai dealership had been so touched by the customer's heartfelt story. With this on their minds, the name "Tucson Prime" felt like the perfect fit. Mariano looked back at the progress that had been made with the dog and felt incredibly proud. There was just one more thing left to do...

Dog Reunion, True StoryDog Reunion, True Story
@tucson_prime via Instagram

To make Tucson an official group member, he printed out a personalized name tag for him. The gesture was not just for the pup to feel included but also for the customers to know instantly that he was part of the friendly Hyundai family. As the word spread, customers excitedly entered the dealership to meet him.

Internet Famous

The Hyundai dealership's Instagram page had never been more popular! Capitalizing on their pet's fame, the workers uploaded pictures of Tucson pretending to drive cars, working as a mechanic, and interacting with the customers. People couldn't get enough of the content.

Car Dog, Dealership, ViralCar Dog, Dealership, Viral
@tucson_prime via Instagram

It was impossible not to love him, and the furry creature soon gathered a huge following. Excited fans from near and far were sending Tucson gifts and toys; many even made the trip to visit him in person! Those who were actually at the dealership to buy a car often requested Tucson to come along for a test drive!

A Momentous Invitation

Just when the Hyundai dealership team thought things couldn't get any better, they were ecstatic to hear that Tucson had received a very special invite. His attendance had been requested at the Hyundai plants. Mariano was in shock at the news. It was a sign of honor that even he had yet to receive!

Car Dealership, Viral DogCar Dealership, Viral Dog
@tucson_prime via Instagram

The senior managers at Hyundai wanted to see the dog they had been indirectly caring for all this time. The canine had become somewhat of a company mascot since his debut, and they wanted a real-life meeting. The dealership team purchased Tucson a new tie and leash to ensure he was picture-ready.


Paw in hand, Mariano and the Tucson headed off to the Hyundai plants. They were given a tour of the site and an opportunity to go off and explore on their own. They felt like a famous duo as people constantly came up to them to say hi and take pictures.

Car Consultant, Dog, BrazilCar Consultant, Dog, Brazil
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The story of the "Pawfessional Consultant" has spread far and wide, and all his Instagram followers felt like they knew him personally at this point. The marketing team, of course, had a special soft spot for the canine as his internet presence had been responsible for the increase in visitors to the Hyundai dealership.

The Face of Hyundai

In fact, the marketing department had a plan to take Tucson's fame to the next level by making him the face of the company. If they were to accept, the pup would appear in commercials all over the country. Of course, the duo said yes, and Mariano could not believe how far his furry friend had come.

Brazil Animal Rescue, DogBrazil Animal Rescue, Dog
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All this fame and fortune had come about because of one small act of kindness. Letting the stray dog in, which he didn't think much of at the time, led him and the dealership down a path he could never have foreseen. It was a lesson to all that just one person can make a huge difference.

Happily Ever After

To this day, the Hyundai dealership in Brazil is Tucson's home. He is showered with love, and every one of his needs is cared for. He's living every dog's dream with endless amounts of space to run around and a constant flow of people to play with. The canine hit the jackpot.

Tucson Prime, Dog, DealershipTucson Prime, Dog, Dealership
@tucson_prime via Instagram

Anyone looking to follow Tucson on his daily life adventures can follow his Instagram page @Tucson_prime. Here, his Hyundai family posts frequent updates on his behalf, telling his life story through his eyes. A recent highlight was his style makeover for his road trip in a Hyundai!