The Net Worth of Each Royal Family Member, Ranked

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| LAST UPDATE 07/26/2022

By Dina Wu

Thanks to annual allowances and huge estates, the wealth of the British royal family has increased a lot over the decades. Here's a look at it all - right down to the #1 richest royal, who - spoiler alert - isn't the Queen.

32. Lady Amelia Windsor – $1 Million

She may only be 26 years old, but Lady Amelia Windsor already has a bigger fortune than the majority of people her age. It's estimated to be an impressive $1 million, according to several sources.

Amelia Windsor net worthAmelia Windsor net worth
Eamonn M. McCormack/Stringer via Getty Images

The third cousin of Prince William and Harry, she's 43rd in the line to the throne. A successful supermodel, Lady Amelia spends a lot of her time on the runway, modeling for fashion giants like Chanel and Dior. But when she's not modeling, she's busy sharing charitable causes with her 97,000+ Instagram followers.

31. Lady Louise Windsor – $1.5 Million

We may not hear a lot about Lady Louise, since she prefers life outside the spotlight - but don't underestimate this royal figure! Especially since she secured a whopping $1.5 million in her bank account at just 18 years old, according to estimates by allfamousbirthday.

Louise Windsor net worthLouise Windsor net worth
Max Mumby/Indigo / Contributor via Getty Images

But Lady Louise Windsor's impressive net worth makes sense, considering the fact that she's the daughter of Sophie of Wessex and Prince Edward. Although most of her current wealth comes from her family, we can only imagine how it will increase in the future.

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30. Sarah Ferguson – $2 Million

Although she and Prince Andrew divorced in 1996, that didn't stop Sarah Ferguson from getting a lot of exposure. In fact, the Duchess of York has since become a successful writer and TV star. Some may even recognize her from shows like The Grand Knockout Tournament and Friends.

Sarah Ferguson net worthSarah Ferguson net worth
Ian Gavan/Staff via Getty Images

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Sarah Ferguson has amassed an impressive fortune over the years, estimated to be around $2 million. But this royal figure puts her money to good use, donating large portions of it to causes such as Teenage Cancer Trust and the American Cancer Society.

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29. Camilla Parker Bowles – $5 Million

After marrying Prince Charles of Wales in 2005, Camilla Parker Bowles officially became the Duchess of Cornwall. Since then, she's also become the face of organizations like Trinity Hospice and Arthritis Research UK. And her estimated net worth says it all.

Camilla Parker net worthCamilla Parker net worth
Chris Jackson/Staff via Getty Images

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Duchess has managed to rake in an estimated $5 million, which she donates to charitable causes. Her wealth comes from her annual income from the Duchy of Cornwall estate, as well as owning expensive real estate. But she's nowhere near the wealthiest in the royal family...

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28. Meghan Markle – $5 Million

Although she's a relatively new member of the British royal family, Meghan Markle isn't new to fame and fortune. Her impressive career began back when she starred in the hit series Suits, and from there, it only grew. Soon enough, she met Prince Harry, and the rest was history.

Meghan Markle net worthMeghan Markle net worth
Max Mumby/Indigo/Contributor via Getty Images

Since she and her husband stepped down from their royal duties, Meghan no longer has access to the Crown's funds. But that doesn't mean she hasn't managed to build a fortune of her own. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Duchess of Sussex has an estimated $5 million!

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27. Princess Michael of Kent – $8 Million

Princess Michael of Kent has gone from being a successful interior designer to a best-selling author over the years, thanks to her novels about European Royalty. In her books, she tells her readers insider tales about royal life - and judging by her net worth, they're quite popular.

Princess Michael net worthPrincess Michael net worth
Tom Wargacki/Contributor via Getty Images

According to several outlets, the success of this royal's projects has earned her an estimated $8 million the past several years. Not only that, but until 2010, the Princess and her husband, Prince Michael of Kent, didn't have to pay rent to live in their Kensington Palace home!

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26. Princess Eugenie – $10 Million

Surprisingly, it's not just us who work a 9-5 job. Princess Eugenie herself works hard every day as the Associate Director for the London art gallery Hauser and Wirth! The princess has become quite successful over the years - she and her sister are also the beneficiaries of a trust fund created by the Queen Mother.

Princess Eugenie net worthPrincess Eugenie net worth
Yui Mok/WPA Pool/Pool via Getty Images

All those sources of income certainly amount to an impressive sum. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Princess Eugenie has amassed a whopping $10 million. Guess we can say with some certainty that her baby boy will be living a lot more luxuriously than the average British citizen.

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25. Princess Beatrice – $10 Million

Next up on our list is Princess Eugenie's sister, Princess Beatrice. She's the second beneficiary of Her Majesty's sizable trust fund. However, it seems that Princess Beatrice is taking on other projects of her own to build her fortune, working a regular job at a software company.

Princess Beatrice net worthPrincess Beatrice net worth
David M. Benett/Contributor via Getty Images

And her hard work seems to have gotten her quite far - according to Celebrity Net Worth, the princess sits on an estimated $10 million, just like her sister. Not only that, but she reportedly also still receives financial support from Prince Andrew, her father.

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24. Duchess of Kent – $10 Million

Katharine, Duchess of Kent, is another one of those royal figures who prefers to lead a quiet and private life. So it makes sense that not too many people have heard of her. But don't underestimate this member of the Royal Family - there's a lot more to her than meets the eye.

royal family net worthroyal family net worth
Georges De Keerle / Contributor via Getty Images

Although she lives her life away from the spotlight - just the way she likes it - the Duchess of Kent owns quite a portion of the royal fortune. According to worldation, she currently has a net worth of $10 million. Being the wife of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent definitely has its perks!

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23. Lady Helen Taylor – $10 Million

Being one of the three children of Prince Edward and Katharine, Duke and Duchess of Kent makes it hard to avoid fame and fortune even if one tried. So we're not at all surprised to see Lady Helen Taylor on this list. But what is fascinating is how she earned her wealth...

Helen Taylor net worthHelen Taylor net worth
Mark Cuthbert / Contributor via Getty Images

Not only is Lady Helen a member of the royal family, but she's also well-known for being married to Timothy Taylor, a famous art dealer. Thanks to her eclectic style, several trends have become popular in the world of fashion. It comes as no surprise, then, that horizontimes estimates her net worth to be $10 million.

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22. Kate Middleton – $10 Million

We'll be honest and say we thought this royal would have a higher net worth since her husband is second in line to the throne. But seeing that the Duchess of Cambridge has worked to earn every penny of her wealth through her own endeavors, it makes a lot more sense.

Kate Middleton net worthKate Middleton net worth
Max Mumby/Indigo/Contributor via Getty Images

According to Celebrity Net Worth, her family's online party business actually earned them $50 million! However, her income as Duchess of Cornwall, combined with her profits from royal duties, as amounted to a fortune of only $10 million dollars, Celebrity Net Worth reports.

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21. Zara Tindall – $20 Million

As the daughter of the Princess and granddaughter of the Queen, Zara Tindall (née Phillips) seems like she was destined for fame and fortune. Not only has she fulfilled this destiny, but she's also taken on endeavors of her own that helped her get a spot on this list - such as becoming a professional equestrian.

Zara Tindall net worthZara Tindall net worth
Max Mumby/Indigo/Contributor via Getty Images

In 2010, Zara partnered up with Musto Outdoor Clothing to create an equestrian line that went on to become a huge success. In fact, the business went so well that she later created an equestrian-inspired jewelry line. Perhaps it comes as no surprise, then, that Celebrity Net Worth estimated her wealth to be $20 million.

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20. Princess Alexandra: $22 - 25 Million

Being the Queen's cousin definitely seems like a one-way ticket to huge amounts of wealth. Although Princess Alexa went from being 6th to 54th in the line of succession to the throne, she has had a lot going on that helped her amass such a large fortune.

Royal Family net worthRoyal Family net worth
Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer via Getty Images

As for this royal figure's exact number - according to worldation, Princess Alexandra sits on an impressive $25 million. Following the death of her husband, businessman Sir Angus Ogilvy, the princess saw her then-$22 million increase by another $3 million.

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19. Princess Margaret: $25 Million

It goes without saying that we can't have a list of British royal figures without Her Highness, the late Princess Margaret. And although she sadly passed away in 2002, Queen Elizabeth II's sister was loved and admired by millions of people in her country and around the world.

Princess Margaret death wealthPrincess Margaret death wealth
Tim Graham / Contributor via Getty Images

Several reports estimate the Princess' wealth at the time of her passing to be approximately £20 million (about $25 million). The generous royal figure donated most of her fortune to charity when she was still alive. However, she did leave a large sum of money to her children, who inherited it upon her passing.

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18. Prince Richard – $25 Million

Although he considers himself to be one of "the poorest" of all the descendants of the Crown, Prince Richard has actually built himself an impressive fortune. Not only is he famous for being the Duke of Gloucester, but he's also a well-known architect.

Prince Richard net worthPrince Richard net worth
Mark Cuthbert/Contributor via Getty Images

When he first started out, Prince Richard did so well that he was actually made President of the Society for Architect Artists. And thanks to the Gloucester estate he owns, as well as the valuable heirlooms, his net worth has shot up to an estimated $25 million over the years, according to several sources.

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17. Prince Philip – $30 Million

The late Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II's love story goes back to when the two of them were teenagers. They officially got married in 1947 - and have since been one of the most famous couples in the UK. But one thing we didn't know about the late prince was how rich he was before he passed away in April 2021.

Prince Philip net worthPrince Philip net worth
Matt Dunham/WPA Pool/Pool via Getty Images

Although he eventually gave up his title, the late Prince had previously gained more than half a million dollars during his time as a Duke. Before his death, Prince Philip was worth an estimated $30 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Pretty impressive, although nowhere near as rich as his wife. Read on to find out...

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16. Princess Diana – $31.5 Million

Although Princess Diana, unfortunately, met an untimely fate in 1997, she left behind a legacy that would undoubtedly live on forever. According to Forbes, the Princess was worth an estimated $31.5 million, which she had earned by the time of her death. And she left very specific instructions for it in her will.

Princess Diana net worthPrincess Diana net worth

It was Princess Diana's wish that her wealth be passed on to her children, Prince William and Harry. But in fact, her two heirs inherited more than that: treasured items that once belonged to Diana, including jewelry and prized mementos, which are bound to be worth a fortune.

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15. Princess Anne – $35 Million

Although she may be the Queen's only daughter, she's certainly made up for it with her earnings over the years. Princess Anne is considered to be one of the hardest-working royals and has a generous spirit that gives back huge sums of her wealth. Per several reports, she has worked with over 300 charities in her life.

Princess Anne net worthPrincess Anne net worth
Finnbarr Webster/Contributor via Getty Images

But her personal life shouldn't be underestimated either: this royal figure has turned her equestrian enthusiasm into a career, during which she won several Olympic races. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Princess Anne currently has about $30 million!

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14. Prince Michael of Kent – $40 Million

Being Queen Elizabeth II's first cousin certainly has its advantages. Although Prince Michael of Kent used to hold 7th place in the line of succession to the throne, he currently sits at 52nd. After he married a Roman Catholic named Marie Christine, Michael was temporarily removed from his royal succession.

royal family net worthroyal family net worth
Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

However, he went on to start his own company, putting most of his focus on "property, education, technology, medical, and aviation industries," according to his official website. And although he no longer gets an allowance from the Crown, he packs an impressive $40 million, several websites say.

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13. Prince William – $40 Million

Next up is one royal figure that most people today are probably already familiar with. That's right - we're talking about Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Not only is he second in line to the throne, but he's also received a huge amount of his later mother's fortune, as well as his Great-Grandmother and his father!

Prince William net worthPrince William net worth
Chris Jackson/WPA Pool via Getty Images

With as many royal duties as he has, one can only expect the amount of wealth would match the responsibility on Prince William's shoulders. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Prince has raked up about $40 million over the years, more than half of which comes from his annual income from Duchy of Cornwall.

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12. Sophie Helen – $45 Million

Next up: meet Sophie Helen, Countess of Wessex, but also much more than that. The Countess is also allegedly one of Queen Elizabeth II's most trusted confidantes. According to Royal records, Sophie assists the Queen in planning her public engagements.

Sophie Helen net worthSophie Helen net worth
Max Mumby/Indigo/Contributor via Getty Images

Although she's earned an estimated $45 million - according to various sources - doing her job alongside the Queen, huge sums of her wealth have been put to better use. Since she's the sponsor of more than 70 charities, a lot of the money she's earned through hard work has been donated.

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11. Prince Edward – $45 Million

Countess Sophie Helen of Wessex is followed on this ranked list by her husband, Prince Edward. Not only does the Queen's son happily fulfill his royal duties, but he also took on several endeavors of his own, including founding his own production company.

Prince Edward net worthPrince Edward net worth
Dan Mullan/Staff via Getty Images

So, we're not at all surprised by his $45-million net worth, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. And although his production company no longer exists, he's allegedly planning to take over his late father's role as Duke of Edinburgh in the future. Guess we'll have to wait to know what else the future has in store for him.

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10. Prince Andrew – $45 Million

Despite eventually giving up his royal duties, Prince Andrew has made headlines several times over the years. Having been the UK's trade envoy for 10 years, the Queen's third child worked with some of the most successful entrepreneurs out there. However, he's managed to earn money in other ways as well...

Prince Andrew royal scandalPrince Andrew royal scandal
Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Ascot Racecourse

Before stepping down from his title, the Duke of York had allegedly been receiving £249,000 per year from his mother. Not only that, but as a veteran, he also earned £20,000 a year from Navy pensions. In total, Prince Andrew's net worth sits at about $45 million, as Celebrity Net Worth reports it.

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9. Prince Harry – $50 Million

We've already mentioned Princess Diana's hefty inheritance, which she left to Prince Harry and his brother. But as some may have guessed, the inheritance wasn't this royal's only source of income. He received an annual salary of about $53,000 while working in the Air Force.

Prince Harry net worthPrince Harry net worth
Samir Hussein/WireImage via Getty Images

Not only that, but he also has access to funds from the Duchy of Cornwall. Celebrity Net Worth reports the Duke of Sussex's fortune to be an estimated $50 million. However, thanks to his and Meghan Markle's recent deal with Netflix, we're certain that number is only going to grow over time.

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8. Prince Louis – $65 Million

This four-year-old just might be one of the wealthiest people of his age - worldwide. Although his life has only just begun, Prince Louis, the son and heir of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, seems to be set for life. Just look at the impact he's already made on the British economy!

Prince Louis royal familyPrince Louis royal family
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Throughout history, we've seen time and again how the birth of royal babies usually strengthens the economy - and so was the case with Prince Louis. As for how much this baby boy is worth? According to various sources, he's amassed around $65 million already - consider us jealous.

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7. Archie Harrison – $65-$90 Million

Perhaps even more impressive than Prince Louis' bank account is his cousin Archie's. As the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Archie has already made more headlines than we can count since his arrival not too long ago. And according to various outlets, the number sits somewhere between $65-$90 million.

Archie Harrison net worth Archie Harrison net worth
Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage via Getty Images

We know - we had to rub our eyes to get a better look too. But that's right - baby Archie is already richer than both of his parents! Speaking of whom, although they've officially stepped down from their royal duties, we can already tell their baby son is destined for greatness.

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6. Lady Kitty Spencer – $100 Million

Although she's technically not a royal, being the niece of the late Princess Diana got Lady Kitty Spencer a spot on our prestigious list. Not only are her cousins the famous Prince William and Harry, but it appears she has a net worth larger than both of them - together.

royal family net worthroyal family net worth
David M. Benett/Getty Images for Claridge's

According to multiple sources, today, Lady Kitty Spencer is worth a whopping $100 million. As for how she became so rich - well, she can thank her successful modeling career, as well as her partnership with BVLGARI, for all that cash. She's also married to fashion tycoon Michael Lewis, which undoubtedly added to her wealth.

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5. Charles Spencer – $149-$154 Million

Preceded by Lady Kitty Spencer is her own father, Charles Spencer. Also, technically not a member of the royal family, but we couldn't help mentioning his impressive net worth. According to multiple sources, he's amassed between $149 to $154 million.

Princess Diana living heirsPrincess Diana living heirs
Max Mumby/Indigo via Getty Images

A former correspondent on NBC news, he's popped up on the TV screens of millions of people - thanks to his decades-long career in the industry. Before he retired, he managed to make a fortune for himself - and earn a spot on this list. We think a little credit should also be given to his family's estate, Althorp.

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4. Prince Charles – Up To $400 Million

Prince Charles, the famous heir to the British throne, undoubtedly has the weight of the world - at least the British one - on his shoulders. But he also has a fortune of cash to match it. The Queen's eldest son has earned an enormous net worth from the Duchy of Cornwall.

Prince Charles net worthPrince Charles net worth
Ben A. Pruchnie/WPA Pool via Getty Images

According to multiple outlets, Prince Charles has amassed an estimated net worth of up to $400 million. All of that is in addition to the alleged $1.3 billion he holds in assets. But we think our readers will be surprised to know his number is nowhere near that of the wealthiest member of the Royal Family...

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3. Queen Elizabeth II – $600 Million

Ah, Her Majesty the Queen herself. But wait a minute - the third wealthiest in the family? We were shocked, too - but evidently, the $600 million net worth the Queen has raked up for herself isn't the largest number in the game. But we'll get to that later. As for how the British monarch got to be so rich...

Queen Elizabeth net worthQueen Elizabeth net worth
Samir Hussein/WireImage via Getty Images

Well, it's all thanks to her endless properties, from the approximately $140 million Balmoral Castle to the (estimated) $65 million Sandringham House. And although she doesn't own royal sites like Buckingham Palace, she receives somewhere between 15-25% of their profits. Yep.

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2. Prince George – $3.6-$5 Billion

We never thought that the Queen's 8-year-old grandchild would be exponentially wealthier than her! But we're not about to let this little kid's size fool us - Prince George of Cambridge's net worth is a lot feistier than his baby face would lead us to believe.

Prince George net worthPrince George net worth
Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage via Getty Images

In fact, Brand Finance has reported his fortune to range from a whopping $3.6-$5 billion! Since there's also a big chance we'll be seeing him take the throne one day, we can tell there's a lot waiting for this young Prince in the future. Now, ready for the person who's earned the #1 spot on our list?

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1. Princess Charlotte – $5 Billion

The Royal Net Worth Crown goes to young Princess Charlotte, the 7-year-old little sister of Prince George. According to estimates by Brand Finance, this little human is worth a jaw-dropping $5 billion! As for how exactly one manages to amass such a fortune in so little time...

Princess Charlotte net worthPrincess Charlotte net worth
Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images

For those who haven't heard of the "Charlotte effect," here's the perfect context for it. She's been setting trends ever since she was born - like the famous yellow sweater she once wore, which instantly became a national best-seller. Although she may still be too young to rule, we can already tell she's destined for greatness.

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